Trou Aux Biches Hotels



For any trip to be a success, one of the primary concerns of every traveler is the quality of hotels in that area. Trou Aux Biches hotels offer all the best services that one could ever ask for a comfortable and enjoyable vacation. The hotels in the Trou Aux Biches town providing access to one of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius and cater all the needs with care and commitment. Trou Aux Biches hotels in Mauritius provide all the facilities like elegant rooms, TVs, Wi-Fi connectivity, awesome dining options, entertainment, fun activities and lots more. The pools and adventure activities will provide the guests with all the fun that one could expect here. Relax with the world-class spa facilities, sauna, and steam baths and feel energized, refreshed and rejuvenated. Not only vacations but these hotels are ideal for honeymoons as well. In fact, due to the perfect backdrops and beautiful views, these have gained popularity as perfect wedding venues as well. A stay at the hotels in Trou Aux Biches is sure to be a memorable one.

Special Experiences

The special services provided by Trou Aux Biches hotel in Mauritius ensure a lavish stay for the guests. Veranda Pointe Aux Biches Hotel provides exclusive services like car hiring and currency exchange facility that provide comfort and feasibility to whosoever checks in here. Further, fitness centers and family rooms at Veranda Pointe Aux Biches Hotel and The Oberoi Hotel enhance the hospitality standards of Trou Aux Biches hotels by a huge margin. Relaxing spa facilities and minibars further brighten the visitors’ experience. Also, a couple of hotels like Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel welcome pets inside its premises that won’t force the guests to leave their little loved one back home away from them. Golf clubs, fitness centers, and gym facilities are also available to make the experience better. These hotels focus a lot on the customer service and make sure the travelers come back to their hotels for the hospitality provided by them.


The facilities at the hotels in Trou Aux Biches make sure to provide the visitors with a delightful stay. These high standard hotels provide comfortable and admirable rooms to stay in. Facilities at the hotels include bright and high-quality rooms that live up to the standards, free Wi-Fi connectivity, TVs, great dining options, laundry services etc. while some others charge for them, hotels like Veranda Pointe Aux Biches Hotel and The Oberoi Hotel provide complimentary babysitting and childcare services on guests’ requests. Beach access and outdoor pools are some of the most enjoyable facilities. Free parking facilities, no smoking rooms etc. are provided as a cherry on the cake. All these facilities at Trou Aux Biches hotels will suffice to make the travelers feel satisfied with the money that they spend and leave their premises with a smile on their face.


Hotels in Trou Aux Biches have refined the overall dining experience in Mauritius due to the restaurants that are maintained by well equipped and strictly professional staff and management. Sea-food is the local and adored food in this area but the restaurants in these hotels have their own specialties and serve delicious food from cuisines all across the world in addition to their local delicacies. The food served in these hotels gives a perfect example of the blending of cultures in Mauritius. The paradise cove boutique hotel offers an oceanfront dining area that satisfies the appetite of the visitor s in a delightful way. The Oberoi Hotel has multiple restaurants catering to different restaurants which make one of its best services. The cooperative staff is ever ready to cater for special diets on the requests from the guests. The bars at the Trou Aux Biches hotels are also looked forward to by the visitors.


Q1. Can one of the hotels at the Trou Aux Biches be considered for a honeymoon?

A. Yes, popularly known as the best beach of the island, this is the most popular region for honeymoon travelers.

Q2. Do hotels in the Trou Aux Biches offer a buffet for dining?

A. Most hotels in Trou Aux Biches have a breakfast buffet laid out for the guests. Few of the hotels also host special nights where they have a dinner buffet also available.

Q3. Can trou Aux Biches serve as a good wedding destination?

A. Yes, the beach was known to be the World’s leading beach in 2011 due to its unparalleled beauty. The beautiful setting would serve as an ideal wedding destination.

Q4. Do restaurants serve Indian food?

A. Yes, few of the hotels in the area serve Indian food.

Q5. Do the hotels offer smoke-free premises?

A. Nearly all the hotels have prohibited smoking inside their territories. Some of them have an outdoor smoking area that can be used for the purpose of smoking.

Trou Aux Biches hotels in Mauritius prove to be ideal hosts to travelers. The travelers coming to this beautiful beach destination come here with the expectation of the enjoying most blissful experience. The hotels in that area make sure that live up to the expectation of travelers, owing to the fact that it was known as the World’s leading beach in 2011. One will enjoy spending a few days in luxury with the best of the facilities and services at one’s convenience. Live performances at bars and even inside the hotel premises as in The Oberoi Hotel are certain to leave the guests spellbound. Further, wheelchair accessibility, car hiring services and adventurous and fun water sports at the hotels, like Veranda Pointe Aux Biches Hotel and Trou Aux Biches hotel are bound to leave the guests awestruck at their hospitality and management. Visit Trou Aux Biches hotel in Mauritius and they will give one a live justification of the fact about why Mauritius is renowned for its world-class hotels and unrivaled hospitality.