This Luxury Cruise Can Slice Through Ice Faster Than A Samurai & Take You To Extreme Poles


Slicing through 8 feet thick ice at the North Pole is not an easy task for a cruise but for the world’s first  luxury electric hybrid “Icebreaker” cruise from Ponant Cruise line, it is not a biggie!

icebreaker luxury cruise ship

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Ponant is a specialist in luxury expedition sailings to Arctic and Antarctica and to raise the bar even further, it has added the “Icebreaker” which has a specially designed hull capable of cutting through ice like a ninja. The Ponant Icebreaker is scheduled to launch in 2021 and will easily be able to navigate the frozen waters without breaking a sweat.

This vessel would be the first of its kind to give its passengers a true feel of the North Pole (at 90 degrees north latitude). The itineraries also include inaccessible Antarctic sites like Peter I Islands, Weddell Sea, and Charcot.

first icebreaker luxury cruise

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The Icebreaker would have 135 cabins, 2 helicopters and 16 zodiacs. It would also have Nicholas Dubreuil (a seasoned adventurer who has traveled across the poles by skis, kayaks, and sleighs) on board for every sailing.

Apart from being an ice slashing beast, the cruise would be gentle on the environment with almost no emissions since it would be powered by electricity and liquefied natural gas.

icebreaker luxury cruise ship by ponant

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With its newest cruise, Ponant is surely looking to make your expedition to the poles as luxuries as it is adventurous. The first luxury Icebreaker cruise surely looks from the future and so will your experience. Brace yourself for 2021!