These Airlines Are Offering Cheap International Flights & This Might Be The Best Time To Book


Who doesn’t love discounts? Be it clothes, homeware, food, or any sort of utility item, if it bears that enticing tag of ‘Sale’, it automatically becomes more attractive. And when it comes to flights,everybody prays for cheapest fares before clicking the ‘Check Fare’ button.

So, the good news for today is that God has heard the prayers of Indian travelers, and finally, they have an opportunity to satisfy their inner travel bug that has been longing for an international trip since long. Most of the leading international airlines have announced dirt cheap fares for flights to select international destinations.

Highlights Of ‘Cheap International Flights’ Offer

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This limited period offer of cheap international flights features huge discounts for flights to specific parts of the world, and here’s a list of those enticing destinations along with their offers:

  • Return fares for the Gulf start at a mere Rs 10,000
  • Return Fares for your trip to Southeast Asia begin with Rs 16,000
  • Return flights to Europe are now available from INR 33,000 onwards
  • Return fares for North America start from INR 55,000

These fares for international flights are now estimated to be 30% lower than the normal fare. The reason behind such discounted fares is that various Indian airlines had started offering rock-bottom fares for both international, and domestic travel. Therefore, to continue their run in the competition, international airlines were also forced to lower their fares.

List Of Airlines Offering Cheap International Flights

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  • Jet Airways has come up with a whopping discount of 20% on its flights to destinations like Paris, Amsterdam, and Vienna.
  • Turkish Airlines is luring Indian holidaymakers with a 15% discount on all its domestic and international flights to passengers who book through their latest mobile app.
  • The extravagant Emirates airline is too, offering unbelievable discounts. Its offer includes return airfare from Delhi to Middle East starting at Rs 13,600, at Rs 34,800 for Europe and Rs 57,400 for USA. These fares are available for travel up to November 30, 2018.
  • Etihad is offering return economy fare from Delhi to Paris starting at Rs 38,361, and for Delhi to Los Angeles at Rs 54,932.
  • Qatar Airways is offering economy class return fares to London, and New York starting at Rs 35,000, and Rs 54,000 respectively.

With the world going on a sale, we bet you can’t miss out on an international trip at such a tempting period of time. So, stop thinking, and start booking one of these cheap international flights for a trip to a destination of your choice.