The All New Horizontal Skyscraper In China Proves That Sky Is Not The Limit!


Cover Image Courtesy: The Weather Channel

Being an abode to the world’s second tallest skyscraper, China surely takes pride in creating impeccable structures that undoubtedly stand out in the world. But, it seems like China got bored of the common vertical ones and wanted to sweep its tourists off their feet, quite literally. Hence, the much-talented engineers in the country have now created a marvelous horizontal skyscraper.

Inspired by the structure of the renowned Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, this unique skyscraper is a part of the Raffles City Chongqing project. This 250 meters long horizontal skyscraper in China is designed by Moshe Safdie, an eminent name in the field of architecture. Being the world’s highest sky bridge, it has got a perfect name i.e. ‘The Crystal’ and it surely speaks volumes about this marvel.

horizontal skyscraper

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Raffles City Chongqing project is near to its completion, which has already made The Crystal the highest sky bridge connecting the 8 vertical towers. The whole structure was built keeping in mind the Chinese sailing vessels which showcase China as a trading center. It is believed that the structures cost around $3.8 billion and are all set to astonish the world in the second quarter of 2019.

Not only the horizontal skyscraper in China serves as a bridge connecting the other towers, but it also has the feature of turning into an eye-catching light beam that casts a light upon the sky. This unique megastructure will consist of a shopping mall, a luxury hotel, residential apartments, and office space. The jaw-dropping sky bridge will flaunt fancy restaurants, sky gardens, and an infinity pool where tourists can relax and enjoy delicious food.

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As enticing as it sounds, this stupendous horizontal skyscraper in China will attract many tourists as it has a lot to offer. So, get packed, plan your vacay to China and don’t miss out on witnessing one of the most interesting future marvels of architectural engineering!