The 10 Most Beautiful Lakes In Austria For An Exotic Europe Getaway


Landlocked in the center of Europe, Austria is known for its picturesque landscapes. There are several scenic lakes in Austria which are popular among tourists as well as the locals. Dominating the beautiful terrain of Austria, these lakes are a must-visit for all nature lovers, photography enthusiasts, and couples.

Our List Of The Best Lakes In Austria

If you are planning to visit Austria soon, you must visit some of Austria’s best lakes set in the lap of nature. You will get to explore different water activities if you have the thirst for discovering adventure within you. The best lakes in Austria offer a variety of activities like windsurfing, rafting, kite surfing, and paddle surfing all around the year.

1. Lake Achensee

Lake Achen

One of the largest Austrian lakes, it is also known as the nickname Fjord of the Alps. The place offers stunning views of lakes and mountains in Austria while the crystal clear turquoise waters make for an unforgettable visit. The lake is buzzing with activities like swimming, windsurfing, rafting, kite surfing, and paddle surfing during the summer months.

Perfect for: Honeymooners

Accessibility: Easy

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2. Hallstatter See

Hallstatter lake
Hallstatter is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Austria. It is a small village with traditional Austrian architecture and built near the Dachstein mountains on Hallstätter See, creating a picturesque oasis.

Perfect for: Hiking and Scuba Diving

Accessibility: Easy

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3. Mondsee

alpine lake Mondsee
Mondsee, meaning Moon Lake in English, is one of the most famous lakes in Austria near Salzburg. This lake is the epitome of scenic beauty with a delightful lakeside village. It makes up for perfect Austrian lake holidays which lets its visitors escape the hustle and bustle of their otherwise busy lives. This is also a popular destination for weddings.

Perfect for: Hiking and relaxing

Accessibility: Easy

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4. Traunsee

Traunsee lake austria

Image Source

Traunsee is the deepest lake in Austria near Salzburg. Traunsee, meaning ‘Dream Lake’, is surrounded by quaint villages to visit such as Altmünster and Traunkirchen and the Schloss Ort castle. This lake is very popular for its outdoor activities as well Lungy, an underwater creature that is believed to live here.

Perfect for: Adventure lovers

Accessibility: Easy

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5. Plansee

Plansee lake austria

Image Source

Located in the Tyrol region of Austria, Lake Plansee is the second largest water body found in this region. It is further connected to another lake via a canal, called the Heiterwang. The lake is an unparalleled spot for outdoor enthusiasts and an absolute must visit for tourists.

Perfect for: Boating, jogging, cycling, inline skating, scuba diving, fishing, camping

Accessibility: Easy

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6. Gruner See

Gruner See lake austria

Image Source

The literal meaning of Gruner See is Green Lake owing to the vibrant emerald green colour of the water. Surprisingly, it is comprised of melted snow from the Karst Mountains, making the water extremely cold even during summers. However, Gruner See is a remarkable sight and makes for amazing Austrian lake and mountain holidays.

Perfect for: Scuba diving

Accessibility: Easy

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7. Faaker See

Faaker See lake austria

Image Source

This is considered to be the cleanest Austrian lake with drinkable water. You need to pay only a small fee to relax by the lake, basking in the sun, or take a swim here. It observes events like the annual European Bike Week, which is the largest rally of motorcycles on the continent. Fishing is also a popular pastime, along with ice skating during winters.

Perfect for: Fishing and ice skating

Accessibility: Easy

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8. Millstatter See

Millstatter See lake austria

Image Source

Situated in the Carinthia region of Austria and known to be an incredible terrain are the Nock Mountains and the Drava Valley, and the Woodd Hochgosch area to the south. The view is simply breathtaking! This is a popular spot for Austrian lake holidays. The mountains protect the lake from cold winter winds, which means that the water temperature is suitable for swimming during summers.

Perfect for: Swimming

Accessibility: Easy

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9. Zellersee

Zellersee lake austria

Image Source

Zallersee or Lake Zell is a relatively small but beautiful freshwater lake. Because of its small size, Zellersee freezes in winters, making it perfect for year-round fun.

Perfect for: Swimming, fishing, kayaking, ice skating

Accessibility: Easy

10. Weissensee

Weissensee lake austria

Image Source

Also known as White Lake, this is a glacial lake incredibly popular for all types of activities. There is a ban on the use of private motor boats in this region, thereby ensuring a peaceful atmosphere and abundance of wildlife here.

Perfect for: Canoeing, fishing, hiking, skiing

Accessibility: Easy

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Austria makes for an ideal vacation destination in Europe. If you are planning an Austrian lakes summer holiday, book a customised Europe package right away and experience sheer bliss on your getaway!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lakes In Austria

Which Austrian akes are best for swimming?

The Millstatter See Lake, Schwarzsee Lake, and Zellersee Lake are the best for swimming among the 300 lakes present in Austria, European Union.

Are the lakes in Austria the best for honeymooners?

Yes, lakes in Austria promote honeymoon tourism. It is the finest place for honeymoon couples to spend their private time by boating, hiking, swimming and enjoy the scenic lakes from the Lakeview hotel rooms.

Which lake in Austria is the best for canoeing?

You must visit Weissensee Lake in Austria. It is one of the best lakes for adventure seekers by canoeing.

What are the lake water activities available in the lakes found in Austria?

Boating, ice-skating, kayaking, kite surfing, paddle surfing, rafting, scuba diving, skiing, swimming, and windsurfing are the lake water recreational activities available in the hundreds of lakes found in Austria.

What are the recreational activities available around the lakes found in Austria?

Camping, cycling, fishing, hiking, jogging, photography, and relaxing are the lakeside recreational activities available in the hundreds of lakes found in Austria.

Why Austria is a famous lake destination in Europe?

Austria has three hundred lakes. Most of them are tourist attractions places. It boats recreation, sporting, adventure, and wedding sites.

Which is the safest lake for all-ages of people for swimming?

You must visit Schwarzsee Lake for swimming by all-ages of people, as it is 8-meters deep only. It is a warm and freshwater lake in Austria.

Which is the best time to visit Austria for a lake tour?

April to August is the best time to visit Austria for a lake tour.

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