Sweden In Winter: 8 Reasons To Spend A Cool Vacation At This Winterland!


The magic of nature is one of the many reasons that makes a winter holiday in Sweden so appealing to many. The ‘winter wonderland’ that Sweden becomes during the months of December to April promises many surprises for the nature and adventure aficionados. The snow carpeted landscapes, the frozen lakes, rivers and waterfalls, the dense forests – everything appeals to the romantic in you.

Sweden is also known to have over 200 ski resorts, and unlimited opportunities to go snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing & more. Above all, the unique day-night hours of the country during this season gives you more ‘golden hours’ for those perfect clicks, for the ambience here remains that of a sunrise/sunset during the 4-6 hours that it has daylight.

5 Stunning Reasons To Spend Winter Holiday In Sweden

Here are some of the best attractions that Sweden in winter has to offer. In fact, the Swedish Lapland in Northern Sweden is the best place to be for all unique winter activities in Sweden.

1. The Icehotel And Treehotel Of Sweden

The Icehotel And Treehotel Of Sweden

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The famous Ice Hotel and Treehotel of Sweden are epitomes of unique architecture and they offer some of the best choices of experiential accommodation during the winter months in Sweden. The Icehotel, located in the heart of the Swedish Lapland on the banks of River Torna offers a truly unique setting of a hotel and rooms carved out of ice. Impressive ice sculptures adorn the hotel, the Icebar promises celebratory drinks and the traditional Sami Cuisine, snowmobiles, reindeer and huskies are available for Arctic safaris while the bedrooms give you beds made of ice with quilts made of reindeer skin.

Prices – Starting from INR 20,000

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2. Polar Train Rides: Get On An Adventurous Journey

Polar Train Rides

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Among the winter activities in Sweden there is an exciting opportunity to catch an adventurous train journey – the Polar Express train ride, Arctic Circle train journey, etc. from Swedish Lapland to Norway. This is a short train journey covering several destinations en-route and offering exciting experiences like dog sledding, killer whale safaris, skiing, etc. .to indulge in. The chance to disembark close to the Abisko National Park and go exploring, watch the ‘Midnight Sun’, Northern lights and a polar night during the ride is an added bonus.

Season – December – March

3. Tundra Regions: Through The Wilderness Of The Arctic

Tundra Regions

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Wildlife safaris near Kiruna takes you through the wilderness and Tundra regions of Sweden, keeping an eye out for animal droppings and hoof prints to track animals like moose, brown bears, wolves, wolverines, musk oxen and lynxes.

The limitless tracks winding through the Taiga forests may not give you the thrill of wildlife sighting, but these tracks are perfect for sled dogs to really pick up speed and let go, giving you an exhilarating ride. If speed is primarily what you are after, you can swap the traditional animal power for modern 800cc snowmobiles as well.

Price: Starting from 1190 SEK (Adults) / 595 SEK (Youth)

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4. Aurora Borealis: Experience the magic of Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis

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Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights as it’s popularly known is one of the most magnificent displays of nature seen on the cold, clear winter night skies of Northern Sweden. These curtains of red, purple and green that dance across the sky depending on the weather during the months of October to March is a spectacle that are sure to take your breath away.

Tip : Best location to view the Northern Lights – Abisko National Park (due to the presence of the Blue Hole)

Exhilarating Winter Activities In Sweden

5. Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding

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Of the many exciting ways to spend a winter holiday in Sweden, dog sledding is considered among the most popular. The stunning Sarek National Park in Swedish Lapland and the mountain regions of Padjelanta are some of the locations popularly explored by dog sledding.

Cost – Starting from 225 SEK

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6. Snowshoeing


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Trudge through tonnes of Sweden’s compact winter snow on specialized shoes – an activity similar to hiking but under more exciting weather conditions. The foothills of Mount Kebne in the Swedish Lapland, the King’s trail or Kungsleden and the Kebnekaise mountain range are some of the most popular trails for snowshoeing with several mountain cabins en-route. For the more daring adventurers, the Sarek National Park promises more challenging snowshoeing trails.

Cost – Adult – 1590 SEK/ Youth – 795 SEK

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7. Ice-fishing


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Ice-fishing is yet another activity for those holidaying in Sweden in winter. Breaking the frozen water surface and practicing your finesse at fishing for some Arctic char, trout, salmon, whitefish, grayling, etc. can be challenging and soothing at the same time.

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8. Snow Mobiling

Snow mobiling

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Feel the thrill while you whip across the frozen rivers on a snowmobile and explore the wilderness of the Tundra regions as you go. With no demand for a high level of endurance, snowmobiling is fast becoming a favourite winter activity in Sweden among families. The frozen Lule River, Tornetrask and Kalix River are some of the popular choices for snowmobiling adventures.

Cost – Starting from 150 SEK (for one day)

For the less adventurous, a visit to Jokkmokk village to explore and experience the 400-year-old market, taste traditional Sami cuisine and watch the reindeer caravan procession would be an insightful experience.

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