Sanur Hotels



Sanur is on the southeast of Bali and is an exquisite resort-town, enclosed with excellent deluxe Sanur hotels that allow travelers little relaxation and a real break from the work-capacitated life. Ever since the 1980s, Bali has been an exotic dreamland for many people over the last couple of decades.It seems an endless number of visitors throughout the year, although a majority of these people turn up during the summer, which is the primary season. The beaches, flora, and fauna stand out here and are made to look even more beautiful with the rain, with nearly every leaf on trees or plants having dew drops, setting up the ultimate experience for the visitors to savor in. Sanur, in particular, is a largely visited area and has some excellent beaches and luxury Sanur hotels. The Pavilion Bali, which is quite an affordable accommodation offers warm hospitality and great amenities to ensure a more than comfortable stay. The Maya Sanur Resort and Spa also is an excellent option to pick from the hotels in Sanur.

Special Experiences

Bali certainly stands out from other tourist destinations. The experiences one gets at Bali are spell-binding and enthralling. Some say it is the exotic trees that are native to Indonesia, which produce a particular smell from their branches or the dew-like feeling in Bali. The Sanur hotels also offer travelers some exotic experiences outside of shopping and sightseeing, with some exclusive games and unique activities that are planned for the entire family’s time pass and ultimate trip experience. The Samata is an amazingly gorgeous place that captures the imagination of everyone’s eyes and leaves travelers spell-bound. Its exotic waters, sitting beside the pool all make for an impeccable journey to Bali. When it comes to relaxation, nobody does it better than Indonesia, who have little deluxe massages, spa, pain therapies such as acupuncture to relieve all the stress of the customers and to enable them to enjoy their time in Sanur fully. Sanur hotels really go the extra mile to give their guests the ultimate holiday experience in Bali.


The facilities of hotels in Sanur, Bali are just incredible, and they must be. The rooms in the hotels are spacious, large, comfortable and noteworthy praise from the visitors. The facilities and professionalism shown by the employees are second to none. The swimming pools are brilliant, with some hotels housing some greatly designed swimming pools which we must be grateful for, to the resorts in Sanur, Bali. The staff works day in and day out to ensure the quality of service. In the rooms, the sanitary requirements are taken care of well, along with there being beautiful furniture, closets for clothes and even televisions with a wide range of channels to enjoy from. The hotels have jacuzzis too, making for a great adventure and trip.


Some hotels across the world are left incomplete, with a dining experience that is not quite at par with the hotel. But this is not the case with Sanur hotels. All of the hotels are considerably ranked for services including their food. The seafood here is said to be brilliant. One must try Indonesian food at these hotels as they are sure to leave one wanting more. For those with an acquired taste for multi-cuisine, the hotels serve those delicacies as well. The customer service at these hotels in brilliant and the staff do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to a great dining experience. Some hotels also entertain requests for special diet menus and kid-friendly meals to give guests the best-in-class services. Guests have a variety of dining options to suit their taste and thus can enjoy a meal of their choice at these hotels. Apart from this, there are a number of fine dining restaurants scattered across the city where one may find the cuisine of their choice.


Q1. What are some of the free services available at the hotels in Sanur?

A. Wi-Fi, room cleaning, access to the gym and wellness center, swimming pools and all the pool related equipment, air conditioning inside the rooms, activities inside the hotel like indoor games and play equipment are some of the free services offered by the hotels.

Q2. Are Sanur hotels pet-friendly?

A. Not all hotels in Bali are pet-friendly. However, a numbered few of Sanur hotels such as Kembalii Lagi allows guests to bring their pets along.

Q3. Do Sanur hotel have facilities for children as well?

A. Yes, most Sanur hotels provide childcare services like babysitting for the guests. Also, outdoor play equipment and particular play areas are also available at these hotels.

Q4. Do the restaurants at these hotels cater to guests with special dietary needs?

A. Yes, if the staff of the hotels is informed in advance, the guests can enjoy some fantastic food that is made as per their dietary needs or restrictions.

Q5. Is the breakfast buffet at these hotels kid-friendly?

A. Yes, Sanur hotels generally have a special kids menu as well as there are child-friendly food items included in the breakfast buffet.

The opportunities in Bali are endless, especially in Sanur where there are plenty of hotels to choose from. One can relax in the swimming pool of the hotel, or spend some leisure time in the balcony. If travelers are looking for a private, secluded experience then had to the Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa and Hospital, which is another place that comes close to the makings of heaven, with its elegant décor and experience. Klumpu Bali resort isn’t too far behind, as it has some fantastic adventurous looks to it and some even better activities to do. Guests can always indulge in a spa session or a massage after a tiring day of sightseeing for the relaxation and rejuvenation they need. The dining experience at Sanur hotels is also noteworthy. With a plethora of cuisine options and delicacies to choose from, guests can try a new dish every day. The staff at these hotels ensure that guests have a fun-filled trip and enjoy a comfortable stay in Sanur.