Philippines Honeymoon: Come, Raise A Toast To The World’s Prettiest Island Country In 2022!


Southeast Asia is wild, green, and surprisingly beautiful! Offbeat beaches, stretching coastlines, and secluded environs make it a romantic wonderland for honeymooners. Surrounded by almost 7000 islands a Philippines honeymoon is the perfect dreamy beginning to your married life.The picture-perfect destination in Southeast Asia is a boon for all the lovely couples planning a special secluded honeymoon. Located in the eastern region of Asia, Philippines is an archipelago surrounded by turquoise waters and uninterruptible environs. And the fact that is not as popular as Thailand, Bali, and Malaysia for an international honeymoon makes it a rather isolated retreat.

Where Is Philippines – Location & Geography

Philippines located in Southeast Asia encircled in white

The beautiful archipelago made up of 7000 plus islands has an extensive coastline and is enveloped by nature’s true wonders. Rocks, cliffs, and sand beaches, crystal clear waters, whale sharks, and a number of water sports make the Philippines a dreamy location for honeymooners.

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Best Time To Visit Philippines For A Honeymoon

Amazing Place

Philippines is dry and cold from December to February and hence it’s the most preferable time to explore the place. June to September is the time for tropical rain and typhoons, thus not an ideal time for a romantic getaway. The average year-round temperature of Philippines is 25-degree Celsius.

Also, if you are thinking what is the cost of honeymoon in Philippines, let us give you a rough idea. It costs INR 70,000 onwards to have a soul-satisfying Philippines honeymoon.

Ideal duration: 8 to 10 days, for a longer and more relaxed honeymoon, 2 weeks are good!

Flight cost from India: INR 35,000 for one side

Why Choose Philippines For Honeymoon?

Couple spending romantic moments by the beach in Philippines

Image Source

The landscape is captivating – The beaches, mountains, blue sky, old architecture! There are a number of romantic places to see and romantic tours you can take.

There are a lot of adventure and activities for couples – Snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, shipwreck dives, kiteboarding, and a lot more.

The country has amazing luxury properties – I mean who doesn’t like dreamy overwater villas, equipped with all modern facilities and amenities.

Utmost privacy to honeymooners – Philippines is still a hidden gem! While majority honeymooners flock to Thailand, Bali, and Malaysia, this cluster of islands sees a far lesser number of tourists.

Warm and friendly locals – When you go for honeymoon, you want everything to be smooth. Communicating with the locals of Philippines is not much of a deal. Apart from Tagalog (Filipino) English is also Philippines’ official language.

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Key Destinations For Philippines Honeymoon

Make a bucket list of all the affordable honeymoon destinations in Philippines that shouldn’t be missed on your honeymoon. You might not want to miss out on some amazing places where you can get perfect Instagrammable photos!

  • Boracay Island – A Must Visit For Couples
  • Bohol Island – Home To Virgin Islands And Exotic Beaches
  • Palawan Island – The Most Beautiful Island In The World
  • Coron – The Hidden Treasure Of Philippines
  • Subic Bay – Lots Of Activities, All Day Round
  • Elefante Island – A View To Die For
  • Sagada – Secluded Retreat Amidst Mountains

1. Boracay Island – A Must Visit For Couples

Seaview cave at the white beach of Boracay Island in Philippines

One of the best islands in the world, Boracay is popular among honeymooners for its crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, sparkling sunlight, and romantic setup. It is enclosed by the Philippine Sea towards the East, the South China Sea towards the West, and the Celebes Sea towards the South. It is definitely one of the top honeymoon destinations in Philippines.

Suggested couple activities: Boracay Island is popular for honeymoon activities in Philippines like scuba diving, cliff diving, and kiteboarding. Nightlife is happening too.

Ideal Duration: 2 days

How To Reach: There are no direct flights to Boracay Island. The nearest airports are Caticlan, situated at a distance of nearly 9 kilometers, and Kalibo which is located 74 kilometers away. Latter option is favored for cheaper flights.

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2. Bohol Island – Home To Virgin Islands And Exotic Beaches

A bridge amid forest in Bohol Island in Philippines

Bohol is a large island in the Philippines, with absolutely serene and silent beaches. A stay in Alona Beach located in Panglao, an island connected to Bohol by a bridge, is perfect for a romantic getaway. White sand, turquoise waters, and brown mountains carve a dreamy outlook here. This is one of the most amazing and affordable honeymoon destination in Philippines.

Suggested couple activities in Bohol: Rent a bike and venture around, the exotic locales would leave you stunned. DON’T forget a boat ride to Balicasag and the Virgin Island. It is one of the highlights of Philippines trip.

Ideal Duration: 1 day

How To Reach: One can easily board a flight from Cebu or Manila to Bohol-Panglao International Airport. The other option is to fly to Cebu airport and take a ferry boat to Tagbilaran city in Bohol.

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3. Palawan Island – The Most Beautiful Island In The World

El Nido in Palawan - a must visit island on your Philippines honeymoon

Popularly known as ‘the last frontier’, the Palawan Island is the sugarcoated delight hidden in the mountains! It is one of the secret honeymoon destinations in Philippines. Take a look and you would know that why it has been considered as one of the most beautiful mountains in the world by happy travelers from all over the world. El Nido, on the northern tip of Palawan, is a perfect place to spot lagoons and coral reefs.

Suggested couple activities in Palawan: With a range of beach activities, biking, and hiking to choose from, a honeymoon in Philippines only gets intense at Palawan Island. Beautiful wildlife, jungle mountain regions, and dreamy white beaches look perfect for your Philippines honeymoon.

Ideal Duration: 2 days

How To Reach: The best option to reach Palawan Island is to fly from Manila or Cebu airport to Puerto Princesa International Airport in Palawan.

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4. Coron – The Hidden Treasure Of Philippines

Colorful landscape of Coron Island in Philippines

Image Source

One of the best places to visit on your Philippines honeymoon, Coron is a dreamy location in the secluded environs of the island nation. All those jungle-clad landmasses, jagged escarpments, and impenetrable vegetations make Coron is a must-visit attraction for honeymooners. A mere sight of Lake Kayangan and Lake Barracuda, prime attractions of the island, would leave you enchanted for sure.

Suggested couple activities at Coron: A short trek across the rainforest, hammocking on Dimakya the island, a stay in Club Paradise Resort, a tour of the beautiful coral gardens, a soothing dip at Maquinit Hot Spring, a glimpse of artifacts at Culion Museum

Ideal Duration: 1 day

How To Reach: As there are no airports in this town, the only way to reach Coron is by flying from Manila to Busuanga Airport which is just one-hour drive from Coron.

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5. Subic Bay – Lots Of Activities, All Day Round

Yellow parasol recliners on Subic Bay beach

Off the west coast of Luzon Island lies Subic Bay – one of the most exciting and fun-filled vacation spot in the Philippines. Make it a point to take a tour of Pamulaklakin Forest Trail, White Rock Waterpark, and Magaul Bird Park on your vacation as it is one of the best islands in Philippines for honeymoon.

Suggested couple activities at Subic Bay: Tiger safari at Zoobic Safari Adventure Park, a day out at Ocean Adventure while going for dolphin and friends show, a swim encounter with wonderful sea creatures are some of the most romantic and exciting things to do in Subic Bay.

Ideal Duration: 2 days

How To Reach: Subic Bay can be reached by land, air, or sea. One can take a land transport from Manila and reach Subic Bay in a few hours. Apart from this, it is also equipped with two airports namely, Subic Bay International Airport and Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

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6. Elefante Island – A View To Die For

Bellarocca island in Philippines

Image Source

A quiet, offbeat, and best place for honeymoon in Philippines for honeymooners, Elefante Island flaunts drop-dead gorgeous locations and exquisite delicacies to keep you hooked. Additionally, the island presents everything to make your honeymoon in the Philippines a grand affair.

Suggested couple activities at Elefante Island: Choose from a range of indulging water activities like kayaking, jet ski, banana boat, windsurfing, and Hobie cat sailing. Also, there is private cruising/yachting, private movie screening, a couples’ massage, and other recreational activities for lovely couples.

Ideal Duration: 1 to 2 days

How To Reach: There are many ways to reach Elefante Island. One has to grab a chartered flight from Manila to Marinduque and then opt for either commercial flight or a private helicopter to reach the destination. If you are staying at the Bellarocca Island Resort & Spa then you will be covering the sea distance on a luxury yacht.

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7. Sagada – Secluded Retreat Amidst Mountains

Woman enjoying a dip in a waterfall in Sagada

A wonderful destination to plan outdoor activities and indulge yourself in the best of nature, Sagada is counted among the top honeymoon places in Philippines. Explore the best of Philippines outdoor in Sagada by planning an excursion to Sumaguing Cave, Echo Valley, Mt. Kite Plan, and Bokong Waterfalls. Get on with your honeymoon bucket list, this is the place to be.

Suggested couple activities: Sagada is mostly known for hiking, rafting, and caving

Ideal Duration: 2 days

How To Reach: The nearest airport to Sagada is in Baguio from where you will either have to hire a taxi or board a bus from Dangwa Station to reach Sagada in 5-6 hours.

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Experiences On Your Philippines Honeymoon

Romance brims up at these wonderful places to visit in the Philippines, and the moment you behold the magnificent sight you know that you are in for some treat. So, here are some amazing experiences that you might not want to miss out on your honeymoon. 

  • Taal Volcano: Witness Volcanic Thrill On Philippines Island
  • Tagaytay: Spend An Adventurous Day In The Holiday Town
  • Sand Dunes Of Paoay, Ilocos Norte: Go For A Ride
  • Sagada Mountain Province: Hike On The Mountains
  • Rizal Park And Shrine In Dapitan City: Plan A Day Out

1. Taal Volcano: Witness Volcanic Thrill On Philippines Island

A scenic view of Taal Volcano in Philippines

Image Source

Cuddle and romance with your significant other as the sun goes down beyond the mountains at Taal Volcano – one of the liveliest places to visit on your Philippines honeymoon. Take up a day trip, cover the places around by going for a short trek, the volcano, visible from Tagaytay mountains, is a place that must not be missed on your honeymoon in Philippines.

Ideal Duration: 5-6 hours

How To Reach: One can reach Taal Volcano by taking a boat ride from Talisay and cover the distance within half an hour.

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2. Tagaytay: Spend An Adventurous Day In The Holiday Town

A couple enjoying activities in Tagaytay town of Philippines

Image Source

Popularly known as the holiday town of Philippines, Tagaytay is known for the range of activities it offers to honeymooners. The place bustling with the vibrant crowd has plenty of good eateries and offer adventurous outing to romantic couples on a honeymoon to Philippines. Ziplining, horseriding, a trip to Sky Ranch Theme Park, a food trip are some of the main highlights of the town. Don’t miss the magnificent sunset view from the city. This is one of the best Philippines honeymoon places.

Ideal Duration: 7-8 hours

How To Reach: Opt for a jeepney, private car, or a bus from Manila to reach Tagaytay within 2 hours.

3. Sand Dunes Of Paoay, Ilocos Norte: Go For A Ride

Safari jeeps parked in the dunes of Paoay in Ilocos Norte

Image Source

This might come as a little surprise for you but yeah, there is a desert in the Philippines and you can actually go desert safari in the sands of Paoay in Ilocos Norte. This is a little wonder in itself considering the fact that the Philippines is an island nation known for beaches and cliffs and dense forests. Hop on to 4X4 jeep or go sandboarding, this place is fun and ideal for honeymooners looking to experience the maximum of Philippines.

Ideal Duration: 3-4 hours

How To Reach: One of the ways to reach Ilocos Norte is by taking a seat on a bus from Manila and covering the distance in 10-12 hours.

4. Sagada Mountain Province: Hike On The Mountains

Couple looking at hanging coffins in Sagada Mountain Province in Philippines

Image Source

Sagada Mountain Province is a place that has mountains covered in greenery and is a hikers delight. Cordillera Mountains, Echo Valley, and the hanging coffins looming from the high cliff create a lot of curiosity among explorers. The place looks good for a couple who are looking forward to heading to nature’s peaceful retreat. Sumaguing caves and Bomod-ok Falls having natural swimming pool are another intriguing options to explore in Sagada.

Ideal Duration: 2-3 hours

How To Reach: Sagada can be reached from Baguio from where one has to board a bus from Dangwa Station and cover a journey of 5-6 hours to reach the destination.

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5. Rizal Park And Shrine In Dapitan City: Plan A Day Out

A picturesque cottage in the Rizal Park area in Philippines

A 16-hectare estate set up by Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Rizal Park and Shrine is a popular tourist attraction in Dapitan City. One of the major tourist destinations in Philippines, Rizal Park, and Shrine is a historical place. St. James Church and Casa Real are a few places of interest that you must visit, for they carry the legacy of the bygone era.

Ideal Duration: 2-3 hours

How To Reach: One can easily reach this destination by alighting at United Nations Ave in Manila from where the place is just 6 minutes away.

Planning your honeymoon but confused about where to go? These honeymoon stories help you find your best honeymoon trip ever!

Top Honeymoon Resorts In Philippines

Here is a list of the top resorts in Philippines that are suitable for honeymoon for you to have a nice experience. Take a look and choose the best one for your honeymoon!

  • Plantation Bay Resort And Spa – Luxurious Atmosphere
  • Atmosphere Resort – The Romantic Thatch For Lovebirds
  • Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa – Infinite Views
  • The Farm – Pure And Divine
  • Amanpulo – What-A-Wonder Villa
  • Abaca Boutique Resort – Plush Interiors With A Hideaway
  • El Nido Resorts – True Rustic Vibe
  • Pearl Farm Beach Resort – Straight Out Of Storybook

1. Plantation Bay Resort And Spa – Luxurious Atmosphere

Plantation Bay Resort & Spa in Cebu Philippines

Image Source

This is one of the most luxurious places to stay in Philippines! Flaunting one of the largest lagoon in the world, it will give you a lavish stay experience. It offers 5-star services and amenities that will make you fall in love with it and make you want to stay there forever!

Location: Marigondon, Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu

What’s special: Spa, water activities like SCUBA diving and snorkeling, coastline cruise, coral reef encounter

Reviews | Website

2. Atmosphere Resort – The Romantic Thatch For Lovebirds

Romantic cottages of Atmosphere Resort in Philippines

Image Source

Offering lavish services like spa and yoga pavilion, this is one of the best honeymoon resorts in Philippines. Apart from that, it also boasts an outdoor pool that overlooks the sea, imagine the amount of fun you’ll get in swimming and having picturesque views with your bae! So, consider this while choosing your accommodation during your Philippines holiday.

Location: Maayong Tubig, National Road, Dauin, 6217 Negros Oriental

What’s special:
Island hopping, dolphin watching, sandbar, and local tour

Reviews | Website

3. Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa – Infinite Views

Infinity pool at Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort in Philippines

Image Source

Shangri-La’s Boracay resort is perfect for you if you two are looking for a quiet and tranquil place in Philippines during your honeymoon. The resort offers 2 pools that overlook at the sea, spa facility. In each villa, there is either a private pool or an outdoor hot tub, so you can think of the amount of fun and privacy you’ll get to have with your partner here!

Location: Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island, Malay Aklan, 5608 Aklan

What’s special: Kayak adventure and sandy Zumba

Reviews | Website

4. The Farm – Pure And Divine

A lovely cottage in The Farm in Lipa City Philippines

Image Source

A perfect combination of nature and man-made, this villa in Philippines is best for all those couples who want to stay amongst nature and enjoy the beauty of nature together. Offering all kinds of amenities you will need on your honeymoon this is a nice place to stay in Philippines.

Location: 19 Barangay Tipakan, Lipa City

What’s special: Yoga and fitness session and nature walk

Reviews | Website

5. Amanpulo – What-A-Wonder Villa

Gorgeous pool and villas at Amanpulo in Palawan Philippines

Image Source

This resort is built even dreamier than your wildest dreams! It can be reached to only by a private plane. The villas are built amidst the forest, looking at the hills and nearby the beach. Imagine you have a house on an island, this resort gives the same feeling. So, do add it in your list of best places to stay in Philippines.

Location: Pamalican Island, Sulu Archipelago, Palawan

What’s special: Sailing, windsurfing, and SCUBA diving

Reviews | Website

6. Abaca Boutique Resort – Plush Interiors With A Hideaway

Balcony view of the resort

If you are looking for a place to laze around with plush interiors, then there cannot be a better resort than Abaca Boutique Resort in Philippines. Despite being located near famous tourist attractions, this hotel gives you a chance to stay in a tropical hideaway. This makes it one of the best places to stay for couples on their honeymoon in Philippines. 

Location: Punta Engaño Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu, Philippines

What’s Special: Plush interiors and luxe services

Reviews | Website

7. El Nido Resorts – True Rustic Vibe

Outside view of the resort

If you have always dreamt of rising up to a view of beaches then El Nido Resorts can complete your dream. The resort is located on the Miniloc Island which is why you can enjoy the views of beaches and waters from your abode only. If you want to feel these true vibes of Filipino villages then you must stay in these resorts as they are designed in the same way. The amazing part is that it also offers some amazing activities that you indulge in with your partner. Doesn’t it sound cool? So, make sure that you check out this property for your honeymoon in Philippines. 

Location: El Nido Resorts Miniloc Island El Nido, Palawan 5313 Philippines

What’s Special: Vibe of rustic village and adventure sports

Reviews | Website

8. Pearl Farm Beach Resort – Straight Out Of Storybook

Resort view

The picture speaks for itself once you see the setting of this resort in Philippines. It is a perfect combination of trees and beaches where you would love to spend your honeymoon. While staying here, you can explore the Kaputian Island and relax at the beach. If you ask about the architecture of this resort, then the staff will be happy to tell you that it reflects the cultures of the Mindanao tribe. 

Location: Brgy Adecor, Kaputian – Samal – Kaputian Road, Babak, Island Garden City of Samal, 8119 Davao del Norte, Philippines

What’s Special: Views of the island and architecture of the resort

Reviews | Website

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When thousands of tropical islands call out to you, there’s hardly much you can do about it! So, now, don’t think too much and plan a romantic trip to Philippines and head to this unexplored paradise now for the most surreal experience. Don’t forget to keep this Philippines honeymoon guide 2022 handy for a hassle-free trip!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Philippines Honeymoon

Where can I celebrate my wedding anniversary in the Philippines?

If you are looking for restaurants in the Philippines to celebrate your wedding anniversary then you should head to Manila, the capital of the country. Manila houses places like Spiral and Sofitel Philippine Plaza which offer great services candle-lit dinner and lip-smacking dishes.

Where should I stay in Palawan for a honeymoon?

The largest archipelagic province of the Philippines, Palawan, houses some of the best Philippines honeymoon resorts like Club Paradise Resort and Cauayan Resort. You must consider these resorts for a stay in Palawan for a honeymoon.

What is the best time to visit the Philippines?

The most popular and the best time to pay a visit to the Philippines is during the dry season when one can tour around the nation without any hindrances or canceled plans. The months between November to April are considered to be the best months to visit this nation.

Is the Philippines good for honeymoon?

The Philippines is nothing less than breathtakingly beautiful and hence, one of the best places to enjoy a honeymoon. With numerous private island resorts and impeccable experiences, the Philippines is definitely a great option.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to the Philippines?

The cheapest month to fly to the Philippines is in the month of June. During this month one not only finds lesser crowds but also lesser rates all over the nation.

What are some romantic places to visit in the Philippines?

There are numerous romantic places to visit in the Philippines for honeymoon such as Mount Pico de Loro, Taal Volcano, Paoay, Alegria, El Nido, and Boracay.

Where should I stay in the Philippines when on a honeymoon?

The most romantic resorts to stay in the Philippines are Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Atmosphere Resort, Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa, Amanpulo, and The Farm.

What can we do in the Philippines?

Some of the most thrilling and romantic experiences that one should try in Philippines are witnessing the Taal Volcano, embrace the adventurous side in the Holiday Town by ziplining, horseriding, and more, go for a safari on Sand dunes, hike till the Sagada mountain province, and visit the shrines.

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