Pattaya Beach Resorts



Pattaya is a fantastic holiday destination that has a lot to offer. Being one of the most visited places in both Thailand and the world, it surely ranks to be the go-to holiday beach resort destination that one looks for. Pattaya beach resorts are reasonably priced, so it shouldn’t be that big of an effort, but one must look forward to such trips, that can be gratifying and intensifying to the soul and its purpose on this planet.Pattaya is a big hit among solo travelers as well as couples, also for families that like to spend their time traveling and exploring the various places the world has to offer. Pattaya has been a booming trendy place worthy of a visit from the 1980s when it became a massive hit among travelers from Europe and USA alike. Especially the beach is one of the more pulling attractions to the visitors. Speaking of the beach, there’s none better than Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya. Offering a great view of the beach, this piece has fantastic facilities to die for.

Special Experiences

If the hotel is a high-rise one, then guests must make sure to check into the infinity pool at the hotel, with these being ranked as the best experiences and that makes for great pictographic memories too, along with that, a great view of the rest of the city or in the night (it’s lighted). Water Sports Adventures here are a booming trend, so make some reservation based on the availability of the infinity pool and good packages on water sports, from the resort’s side. Almost every Pattaya Hotel or Resort has excellent massage and spa services that are a must experience for those few who are stress in the outside world and need a method and mode to unwind from their usual selves to become eloquent humans that are at rest and the leisure of going back to their normal lives after an extended holiday. Pattaya beach resorts certainly leave no stone unturned in giving one the complete experience.


The facilities that one can avail at Pattaya beach resorts are just extraordinary, with there being a high rise in the number of visitors to experience these very facilities. Good storage cabinets, neatly decorated beds, highly clean rooms are all part of the experience worth paying for. Since Thailand is one of the leading tourism hubs in the world, the hotels and resorts can’t afford to err as this would not only be bad for their standards, but also for the standards set by Thailand to be an eloquent warm location in the first place. There is a good setting by the beach, with sand chairs, big shade umbrellas and alcohol served as well. Pool-bars are also common in hotels so be sure to experience getting inebriated by the water, both by the pools or the beach. Just read a magazine, order a fruit cocktail and travelers are sorted for that evening. Some hotels have beach-side live Barbeques so make the reservation based on the facilities that are available. The hotels offer good shuttling services to those who’d like to explore the city a make it a good time for themselves. There’s also good airport transit service that’s offered. Cars on rental are available too, to facilitate all the travel needs at large.


It would be a real downer if the facilities were excellent and the food not so great, so the food counts in the ambiance when we state it and the hotels here really mean business in this context. With excellent food and bar menu, Pattaya beach resorts simply lay down the whole gauntlet for one to enjoy, within the right limits or even exceeding them. Who cares, it’s Thailand right? Thai cuisine is a must-have here, and if travelers don’t, they could end up regretting it. Need a break from Thai cuisine or don’t get along with it? The hotels also offer other cuisines which are cooked up well.


Q1. Where should on plan a stay in Pattaya?

A. The North, South and Central Parts are usually preferred by people who happen to visit.

Q2. When are the hotels here most booked?

A. The summer season brings many tourists to the beaches in Bangkok. The Hotels here are most booked during this season.

Q3. Is the food bland? It will be preferred to have a fresh food experience?

A. Not really. The dishes are tailor-made to suit the needs of guests, all one has to do is drop in a special request to the chef.

Q4. Is it recommendable to eat outside or are the hotel restaurants any good?

A. Well, the resorts have good food service.

Q5. Is there any Airport-transit service available at hotels?

A. Yes, they have excellent services.

All the Pattaya Beach Resort have the best facilities and experiences to offer to their guests. The Royal Cliff Beach hotel doesn’t lie far behind in its ambiance and facilities on offer. It is a great experience and has some fantastic inputs from visitors there. The setting for relaxation by the beach is particularly eye-catching. The Mytt Beach Hotel to is highly recommendable to those wishing to travel to Pattaya. It has an excellent background of water decorations to boot. If travelers are looking for a high-rise hotel with that perfect Infinity Pool to snap away some of the best memories-in-the-making, then Movenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya is the go-to place. Built at a great height, this offers an extensive view of the beach and should make for a great experience. Amari Ocean Pattaya lives up to the billing of its name with the ocean at the doorstep, to relax by it or even go skinny-dipping into it. Truly Thailand at its best. To end with, we can certainly vouch for the experiences some former travelers have and hope that we could entice one into picking Pattaya as the desirable destination of choice for a holiday or an extended trip, to savor in some of what Thailand and Pattaya Beach Hotels have to offer. So, do enjoy the beaches, the luxurious hotels and drink within limits when in Pattaya. Bon Voyage!