Paragliding In Hong Kong: Throw Yourself Off The Cliff And See Where You End Up


Do you have the nerve to try something as crazy and fun as paragliding? Then Hong Kong could be the perfect destination for you. People who have already experienced the adrenaline-rushing sport will tell you how fun and exciting it is. This is probably one of the best experiences you will have in life. But at the same time, you also need to keep your safety in mind. In that case, you should opt for only licensed and certified paragliding services. In Hong Kong, there are around eight approved locations for paragliding. If you are planning to visit Hong Kong and want to have some real fun then you should try it out. Paragliding in Hong Kong is very popular both among the locals and visitors. There are around 200 paragliders in the city right now. The number keeps rising with each passing year.

Paragliding In & Around Hong Kong

If you want to try one of the most popular adventure sports, paragliding courses in Hong Kong then you are in the right place. We have listed some of the best spots known for paragliding. Anyone who wants to learn paragliding in Hong Kong should go to these places. Having said that, now let’s check out the details.

1. Long Kee Wan

Paragliding In Long Kee Wan

Long Kee Wan is one of the most popular spots for paragliding in Hong Kong. This is an easy site with a good landing area. This is the perfect place for anyone to tandem paragliding in Hong Kong. This area for paragliding is located in Sai Kung Country Park. With its easterly facing ridge, it includes a 15-minute hike. The main landing zone is near the beach below the launch.

Where: Sai Kung East Country Park, UCARA Port Shelter

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2. Pak Tam Au

Paragliding in Corfu


In comparison to other paragliding spots, Pak Tam Au is a challenging site. Unless you are trained in the sport, you shouldn’t attempt paragliding in this area. Located in the Sai Kung Country Park, it includes a 45-minute hike. You should know that there is a difficult place with very limited landing zones. You can opt for top landing but with very careful planning. You can take off from the lower area or bowl area which is covered by grass over mixed terrain.

Where: Sai Kung East Country Park, UCARA Tolo

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3. Pat Sin

Paragaliding Hong Kong
This is a seldom flown area. It requires S winds which you can get only during the summer months. The main problem with this area is that it has no identified, safe landing zone. The long ridge area is good enough for flying conditions. You can even enjoy a great view. You can even experience thermic soaring in this area.

Where: Pat Sin Leng Country Park, UCARA New Town

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4. Ma On Shan

Paragliding In Hong Kong
If you are looking for the best paragliding in Hong Kong then Ma On Shan is the place for you. With varied landscapes and beautiful surroundings, it creates the perfect mood for paragliding in the area. If you choose a good day to paraglide in this area then you can have the best experience. On good days, the skies are clear and light winds from the east blow through the area. It also produces thermals that can take you higher in the sky. Landing zones can be easily achieved along the ridge. There are two to three main landing zones present in the area.

Where: Ma On Shan Country Park, UCARA New Town

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5. Sai Wan



Sai Wan is not so popular for paragliding. That’s because it is not frequently used for the sport. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less. It’s still one of the approved spots for paragliding and honestly, a great one at that. The main landing zone is near the Sai Wan Tsuen beach.

Where: Sai Kung East Country Park, UCARA Port Shelter

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6. South Lantau East



South Lantau is divided into two different flying zones. This includes the east and west. The area we are talking about here is focused on the east region. This is a soaring site where you can enjoy lovely views while paragliding. The skies are sunny and clear. There is an easy landing spot near the beach. In short, this is a favourable spot for paragliding enthusiasts.

Where: Lantau South Country Park, CTR Lantau Zone

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7. South Lantau West

Paragliding At Denpasar

After the east area, it’s time we talk about the west part. You should be informed that crossing between the two flying sites is not allowed. This is maintained because of the helicopter traffic in between the two flying zones. Just like the east area, even the west zone is a soaring site with sunny days. You can enjoy a great view. The landing zone lies near the beach.

Where: Lantau South Country Park, CTR Lantau Zone

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Tips For Paragliding In Hong Kong

Here are some tips for paragliding that you can find useful:

1. If you are doing paragliding for the first time make sure that you are ready for it. You don’t have to do it just because you want to or your fellow travellers are doing it. This is an adventure sport and you need to be prepared to take on the challenge.

2. Since paragliding is a risky sport, you are advised to learn it from a certified paraglider. This is important for your safety.

3. You also need to choose the paragliding spot correctly. Some paragliding areas are not meant or safe for newbies. Before you try out the sport, you should do your homework right.

4. Do your research on paragliding. Since you are trying it for the first time, having some knowledge about it will be helpful to you.

5. Make sure you wear your safety gear when participating in the sport. You should listen to what your instructor is saying.

6. If you are a heart patient then it’s better to avoid performing such sports. Also, you should not let your children participate in it as it can be dangerous for them.

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Paragliding is an adventure sport that can pump your adrenaline to the peak. If you are brave enough to try it out then you can choose from any of the top spots for paragliding in Hong Kong. If you are on your holiday to Hong Kong and wish to try something memorable then you can try paragliding. and you won’t regret it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Paragliding in Hong Kong

Are there any approved spots for paragliding in Hong Kong?

Yes, there are currently, eight total approved spots for paragliding in Hong Kong that you can try. However, not all sites are safe for newbies. Some sites are just meant for pro paragliders. Therefore, you need to choose the spot correctly.

What is the best paragliding spot in Hong Kong?

Ma Shan On is considered to be the best paragliding spot in Hong Kong. The beautiful scenery with mountain tops and hills makes the place a perfect spot for the said sport. If you want to have the best paragliding experience then you should go to Ma Shan On.

Why is it prohibited to cross the gap between South Lantau east and west?

South Lantau is divided into two flying zones including east and west. But you are not allowed to cross the line because of the helicopter traffic in the gap. It can get risky for both the helicopter and you. If you fail to maintain the prohibition, you will face serious consequences.

Who will teach paragliding in Hong Kong?

There are around 200 paragliders present in the city. They are trained paragliders who teach tourists and locals to paraglide in the respective paragliding centres.

Is paragliding dangerous?

There is no doubt that paragliding is a risky sport as you go 30 feet or higher from the ground. Although, you are equipped with all the safety gear there is always a risk. This is why you shouldn’t fly in bad weather conditions.

Is paragliding easy?

It may look easy but it’s not. Controlling your parachute in the air with the wind flow is a very difficult thing to do. One single mistake can come on heavy on you.

When is the perfect time to paraglide?

The best time to paraglide is during the day time when the sky is clear and sunny. If the weather is bad then you should avoid it as it can get risky for you.

Do I have to wear a parachute?

You and your instructor will share the same parachute in the air. It is strong enough to support the weight of two people. Other than that you will have reserve parachutes attached to your harness for extra safety.

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