Mont Choisy Hotel Mauritius



Mauritius is entirely covered with coral reefs on all side which makes it a great place to chill at. People avail more than 10 watersports every year to discover and explore the hidden lagoons at the rocky coastlines. The sandy beaches, on the other hand, are covered with people who take a sunbath for the perfect tan. The place also has several indigenous flora and fauna, this explains the fact that dodo was once part of this island. It has enormous valleys and ghats that are part of the World Heritage. Couples, wanderers, family, and photographers come to this marvelous location for the breathtaking views it offers. Get to meet different people and inhabitants in this region as they come from various countries such as India, America, Europe, China, Australia, Japan, and much more. So, don’t settle for average hotels, instead book the best and tag along with their troop to add another fun memory to the digital album only at the Mont Choisy hotels Mauritius.

Special Experiences

The Mauritius hotels Mont Choisy are popular among people to provide special experiences. Retreat the tensions one may have at the rejuvenating spa experiences that are performed by professional therapists. Relax those muscles and freshen that mind up at the hot steam baths, bubble baths, and facial. Also, after going on an exotic excursion, come to the hotel to a private poolside dinner. Here, one can soak themselves and go through all the moments one has captured that day as they sip on marvelous champagne. Go on trips and outings that are offered by these hotels in their group packages. The hotels have a lot of experiences that makes a guest feel relaxed and refreshed, by the time it is time for them to return to their home after their vacation.


The Mont Choisy Mauritius hotel also incorporates numerous essential facilities. Every room is provided with blackout curtains, television, king size bed, blanket, pillows, and telephone services. The bathrooms are provided with towels, robes, creams, and shaving kit. There are also bellboy services and a telephone as well. The internet is provided throughout the hotel along with the gym and library. Swimming pools are heated and they also come with water activities. For kids, there is a separate play area while for babies, there are babysitting centers.


The Mauritius Mont Choisy hotel comes with fine dining. The chefs are professionals that are famed in culinary arts for their taste, excellence, and discipline. The food served has a fixed menu that offers cuisines including African, American, Dutch, Italian, German, Indian, and Chinese. There also resto bars that offer mocktails, cocktails, and alcohol. These dining and club services also come with talent displays and artsy performances. Every morning breakfast includes pancakes, omelets, waffles, toasts, coffee, and much more that one can choose from the morning menu. The chefs are so welcoming and talented, they even take requests from guests and prepare the dishes they request. It could be Indian, continental or any other, the chefs are so proficient, that they will happily oblige.


Q1. How can one get Mont Choisy hotel Mauritius contact details?

A. One can get details of these Mont Choisy hotels on their website through the internet. Other online travel websites will also have this information for the convenience of travelers.

Q2. Is tipping compulsory in Mont Choisy hotel Mauritius?

A. No, tipping is not compulsory in Mauritius hotels. However, if one really likes the staff service, tipping is appreciated.

Q3. Is Mauritius a safe country to visit?

A. Yes, Mauritius is a safe country to visit. However, travelers and tourists must be aware of their surroundings as petty crimes such as theft and pickpocketing take place.

Q4. Do the hotels accept cards?

A. Yes, the hotels accept universal cards such as MasterCard and American Express.

Q5. What are some good locations to visit at Mauritius?

A. Some good locations one can visit at Mauritius include Le Morne Brabant, Ile Aux Cerfs, Ganga Talao, Flic En Flac, Seven Colored Earths, Trou Aux Cerfs, Chamarel Waterfall, Ile Aux Aigrettes, Ile Plate, Ile Aux Benitiers, Aapravasi Ghat, and much more.

The hotels Mont Choisy are renowned among every tourist who wants to accommodate at Mauritius. These exquisite hotels located in this wondrous neighborhood provides customers with a wide range of facilities in their rooms as well as in the entire hotel. The rooms come in different styles that are complementary with blackout curtains, television, telephone, and radio. The customers also enjoy special experiences such as spa treatments that are completely therapeutic. Other special experiences include private poolside dining too. The food served in these hotels are prepared by the humble and spectacular chefs who play with flavors. The food can also be customized based on the likes and dislikes. Restobars are also available so that one can dance and sip on mocktails, cocktails, or alcohol. So, don’t hesitate, book the upmark Mont Choisy hotel Mauritius, now.