Meghalaya Travel Tips: Remember These Essential Things Before Visiting This Beautiful State!


Hill stations are beautiful, aren’t they? But, if you don’t plan things ahead of time, chances are that the same will end up disrupting your overall experience on the trip. Visiting Meghalaya is a once in a while kind of experience that you need to plan accordingly for. You can’t get the best out of the same if you don’t end up taking the time to put in the effort to do your research before visiting the place. When it comes to the travel tips, it is completely dependent on when you are going and where you plan to explore in this beautiful north-eastern state. To help you plan your trip even better, we have sorted you out with some of the most important Meghalaya travel tips that are worth remembering and keeping track of.

8 Meghalaya Travel Tips To Remember

If you are planning on visiting Meghalaya, we would suggest that you have some of the most important travel tips in mind because that matters. For those wanting a peaceful and planned trip, these essential tips can most definitely come in handy for you.

1. Know The Permits Around  Permits

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Given that Meghalaya is in the northeastern part of India, there are chances that you will come across borders and restricted areas that require permits. If you are planning on visiting and exploring such places, we would most definitely suggest that you take your time with acquiring all the knowledge surrounding the same because that will prevent any kind of unnecessary outcomes. Aside from that, knowing about these permits also ensures that you are ready from your end and won’t have to retreat when you have come so far. You can get it done with the ID proof, but sometimes, there are possibilities that you might require the Protected Area Permit to gain access to the spot. If you are confused, get a travel guide to sort those out for you.

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2. Focus On The Bookings


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As much as you take things lightly with the planning, you can’t necessarily do the same with the bookings. Why that is the case is because of the rush that Meghalaya experiences every year, especially during the peak winter season. If you don’t want to have to end your plans because of a lack of tickets and accommodation, it is best suggested that you make all the bookings beforehand. This does solve a lot of the problems without you having to fret about the smallest of things. More than the accommodation, the train or the flight tickets need to be booked before because of the kind of rush you get. Additionally, you will also find that last-minute bookings are quite expensive, which is why you should book things before its late.

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3. Carry All The Essentials

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Another one of the travel tips that are worth keeping in mind is to carry all the essentials. If you are visiting during the colder months, it is best suggested that you do pack the winter essentials and the sweaters and jumpers, as per your needs. Don’t rush through the packing because you are bound to leave behind something important. Instead, you should take your time with the packing because it streamlines the process even further. Check for the kind of climate that you will experience when you are in Meghalaya and you can plan your packing needs based on that. That does solve a lot of the problems that you are likely to experience. Keep in mind to have some space in the bag and not overpack because you are going to buy things from there that need some space in your bag as well.

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4. Plan Things For The Itinerary


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Meghalaya isn’t a small place but a complete state, so if you want to get the most out of it, you must plan your itinerary. This solves the confusion of what to do when and even helps you experience the best that the state has to offer. The itinerary should be planned with all the prospects kept in mind. This helps in solving a lot of the confusion without fail, so you know for a fact that you wouldn’t technically regret anything. If possible, keep the necessary sightseeing spots merged so you can cover the most in the day and then relax during the evenings and taste the local food and experience the culture there.

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5. Chalk Out The Costing


Another important factor that is worth keeping in mind is to plan the kind of expenses you are going to experience. The last thing you want is to end up not having enough money while you are there. It is always best to keep an eye out on the kind of expenses you are bound to experience and then plan things accordingly. If required, keep an eye out on the ATMs around as well because that does matter too. There are several local shops and vendors around that don’t provide facilities for electronic money, so you must carry your cash as well.

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6. Plan For Your Safety Too


Another important factor with the Meghalaya trip that is worth mentioning is the safety and precautions. Since Meghalaya is a hill station, there are chances that you will encounter several adventure sports there. It is completely on you to not go overboard with the precautions. Make sure that you do focus on getting the same on with someone who has experience in the field and can train you well with all the possible guidance through with the pros and cons in the process. From the trekking trips to the other adventure activities, the possibilities for the same are quite diverse. But, above all the fun, it is a necessity that you keep an eye on the safety precautions as well because that does matter.

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7. Try The Local Cuisine


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When we are on a trip around, there are possibilities for you trying out the luxury food around. While that is okay every once in a while, if you want the best experience with the cuisine, it is best suggested that you try the local cuisine from the small shacks and the street food. You just can’t get enough of the amazing cuisine that Meghalaya has and if you want to best of the taste, it is best suggested that you focus on visiting the evening markets to try the local delicacies there. Additionally, try the Tibetan cuisine while you are there, without fail.

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8. Respect The Culture There


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Meghalaya has a variety of cultures and traditions there and even if it’s not something you are familiar with, you must take the time to understand the same. The last thing you want is to end up offending someone while you are there. Familiarizing yourself with the traditions and the variety of culture around is one of the best options for you. If required, you can even take notes or talk to the locals to get to know more about this so you wouldn’t end up doing something you aren’t supposed to.

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Meghalaya is a very underrated, but breathtaking spot in the northeastern province of India that is worth the visit. If you are planning on visiting, these travel tips will most definitely help you have an over the top experience without any questions. You should check these off of your checklist before you make the bookings and get together the final packing essentials. These can most definitely sort through all your needs and requirements without any confusion. So now when you plan a holiday in Meghalaya, make sure to enjoy a vacation hassle free with these tips in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Meghalaya

How long should a trip to Meghalaya be for?

Given that Meghalaya is such a vast state and has so much to view and explore, planning a trip for at least 5-7 days is ideal. It is best that you have your plans done and itinerary prepared because that further helps with the overall amazing experience.

Is visiting Meghalaya safe?

This is a question many people have in mind and for the most part, Meghalaya is worthy and safe visiting. Still, you should have your precautions sorted out because that further helps.

Which time of the year is the best to visit Meghalaya?

If you are planning your Meghalaya trip, visiting between October to June is often considered the best. The weather is amazing and very peaceful, making it perfect for the getaway.

What is the best thing to do while in Meghalaya?

When it comes to Meghalaya, it is best suggested that you do focus on visiting the evening markets around because of the fact of how significant they are. Try the food around as well because apart from the sightseeing spots, the food is quite amazing as well.

Is it better to make the bookings for Meghalaya beforehand?

To be fair, Meghalaya is quite a popular spot around to visit and explore. So, people from across the world flock in. Making all the bookings beforehand is always best.

What is Meghalaya famous for?

Meghalaya is famous for several things. Apart from the beautiful spots around, the place is also known for its heavy rainfall and the biodiversity around.

What things are best to buy in Meghalaya?

Meghalaya is known for several things, especially the shopping sprees that you can go on. If you want to explore and buy some things, make sure to get your hands on the Scottish cloth and bamboo handicrafts.

Should I even visit Meghalaya?

If you want some peace and recluse from the constant hustle of life, visiting Meghalaya can change that for you. Just make sure that you plan things ahead of time to avoid last-minute rushes.

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