Maison Papaye La Gaulette



The fishing village of La Gaulette is home to a quaint little bijou guesthouse/bed and breakfast place called Maison Papaye. Ideal for couples, this bed and breakfast will make one feel right at home with its own exotic twist to it. The cozy guest house is built in a Creole colonial style. It is set in a walled tropical garden which is full of local varieties of flora. The Maison Papaye La Gaulette was built by Marie-Helene and is a splitting image of her childhood home. The rooftop turrets, a wraparound veranda with beautiful sky blue shutters, rooms that have rosewood floors decorated with aesthetic furniture and paintings based on the island life, all these only add to the quaint setting of the house.

Set in the southwestern part of the island, this place is a 60-minute drive from the airport. Overlooking the famous Ȋle aux Bénetier, it is closely located near the beaches of Le Morne in the south, La Preneuse, and Tamarin in the north.


The Maison Papaye La Gaulette has a large swimming pool with loungers and a picket fence running through the length of the house. There is a bar which serves local and exotic cocktail mixes. Guests can also avail of basic facilities such as laundry, wifi, and parking. One can also explore the local markets or indulge in treatments and massages at a spa nearby. The hosts Marie Helene and her husband Phillippe, along with their Yorkshire Terrier called Lipton, ensure that one feel at home in their home.


The hosts serve all homemade food in the communal dining room at the Maison Papaye la Gaulette. Breakfast includes a spread of homemade yogurt, guava and pineapple jam, banana cake and garden fruits. Lunch and dinner are a three-course meal. The spread includes seafood rougaille, fresh tuna and vegetable curry with traditional accompaniments of pumpkin, chou, brèdes (assorted greens) and lentils; and homemade crème caramel with coconut from the garden. All the meals are served in antique French crockery bearing distinct blue and white patterns.

A hit with the guests at the Maison Papaye La Gaulette is Philippe’s rum range. This is a homemade rum-based brew steeped in fruits and spices and poured from antique glass dispensers. The Maison Papaye la Gaulette is one of its kind experiences of living in a period long gone by. The guest house gives all the feeling of the colonial era and is a must-have experience for exotic travelers.

Hotel Accommodation

  • Chambre De Luxe Room (La-Baule)
  • Chambre De Luxe (Creole)

The guest house has 4 rooms which are done up in different styles. The most expensive room in the Maison Papaye La Gaulette is the La Baule. The walls here are painted in a sky blue and white color scheme. Being on the upper floor, the room has a large terrace overlooking the Ȋle Au Bénitier and the southern mountain range. The next room is the Afrique, elegantly decorated with brown walls, dark handmade furniture, and leopard print upholstery. The ground floor has a room done up in the wrought iron furniture and floral upholstery, very true to its name Creole. And the fourth room at the Maison Papaye La Gaulette, thought the smallest, is the Chamarel. This room has tiled floors with a small sitting room and a patio and is decorated with gingham accents. The only little thing is this room has the toilet across the hallway.

Hotel Highlights

  • Sight the wild dolphin’s expedition which sets out early in the morning
  • Go for a relaxing swim in the magnificent outdoor pool
  • Enjoy a BBQ outside with loved ones
  • Indulge in a soothing massage of and rejuvenate the mind and body
  • Enjoy water activities like snorkeling, diving, fishing and windsurfing by the beach.

Indian Restaurants Near The Hotel

  • Sitar Indian Restaurant
  • Mich Resto
  • Indian Summer Restaurant


Q1. Is the Maison Papaye La Gaulette child-friendly?

A. The guest house through a delight for the family does not have any activities for children apart from the pool.

Q2.How far is the bed and breakfast from the airport?

A2. The guest house is a 60-minute drive from the airport.

Q3.What are the facilities available in the rooms at Maison Papaye La Gaulette?

A. The rooms are equipped with televisions, safes, free wifi. Extra beds can be provided at an additional cost.

Q4.What are the cuisines available at the hotel?

A. Local Mauritian Creole home-style food is all that is available at the Maison Papaye la Gaulette. The Bar to serves up the local brew delicacies.

Q5. Will the host be able to help us plan activities?

A. The host at the Maison Papaye La Gaulette will not only help one plan the activities but also get in touch with local car rentals and tour operators.

Mauritius has a rich history of a colonial past. The sugar cane harvest brought in a lot of cash, which in turn allowed the farmers to build mansions and buildings as opulent as ever. Built in the architecture typical of that period, these buildings are the perfect study in a mixture in French, Creole and local flavors. There are many old mansions and houses that bear testimony to this period. For lovers of history, the Maison Papaye La Gaulette is a perfect place to stay. Quaint, quiet and relaxing, this is a place where one’s vacation would be the stuff memories are made of. If one enjoys a homely, then this bed and breakfast is the right choice for a holiday. One’s stay here will surely be a memorable one.