Madan Mahal Fort: Witness The Grandeur Of This Ancient Fort In Jabalpur


History has it that forts always play an important role in every civilization. It can take us to a different world when there were kings and kingdoms. It was the ancient era that consisted of beautiful palaces and forts. Most of the forts of the early period were constructed in such a way that it could tolerate any climatic conditions, and many of them are still standing strong. Madan Mahal Fort is one such fort that still has to hold its glamour and grandeur and take people to the past. It is maintained by the Archaeological Department of India and tourists often visit this fort to learn and know about Madan Mahal Fort and the era bygone.

History Of The Fort

Ancient Fort

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It was in 1116 when the Gond ruler named Raja Madan Shah constructed this fort. This fort is located in the South-Western part of Jabalpur. There is a watchtower that is still found on this fort. It was mainly used as the watchtower during the Gondwana rule. The rulers used to keep a good watch upon the attackers or enemies from this tower. It is quite high and it could easily trace the movement of the attackers from a distance. If you go to the upper part of the fort, you will get a panoramic view of the entire Jabalpur City.

The history of Madan Mahal Fort goes back to the reign of Gondwana kings that this fort was said to be the pleasure palace of tenth Gond King Madan Singh. He was one of the sons of Rani Durgawati. At present, this fort is maintained by the Archeological Survey of India. They have maintained this fort in the best possible manner. However, there is a pond inside the fort, which is not maintained. Many Black monkeys roam inside and outside the fort. The tourists visiting this fort should stay aware of them as they can also become aggressive in many situations.

A long-time has passed and there are no more rules left, but still, this palace has not lost its importance. It has turned out to be a great place for archaeological studies. People have started doing good research on this fort. We think this suffices for the details of Madan Mahal Fort, doesn’t it?

Best Time To Visit Madan Mahal Fort

Old Building

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As we all know that Jabalpur has a hot and humid climate so it is always better to avoid visiting these places, especially during the summer months. It is best if you visit this place from October to March. If you want, you can also enquire about the climatic condition of this place. In many cases, it is also seen that the heat is so scorching that you may feel exhausted after some time. Plan this trip during the winter months as that will be better and the weather remains pleasant.

Madan Mahal Fort Timings: 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM

How To Reach Madan Mahal Fort

Madan Mahal Fort is located within the Jabalpur city in Madhya Pradesh. This place is well connected through railways, airways, and roadways. You can reach this place as per your convenience and budget. Once you reach the city, there are regular city service buses that can take you to this fort. If you want, you can make a prior booking of this bus. The nearest airport of Madan Mahal Fort in Jabalpur that is about 22 km from the place. You can get pre-paid taxis from the airport. The flight fares may be higher during the festive periods.

Apart from this, there are regular trains that connect to this place. You can also reach Jabalpur through trains and they can be much more convenient in terms of price. Even there are even regular long-distance bus services that are available from different cities of India. You can make a prior booking for it. It mainly depends upon the place where you will start your journey. Most of the available buses are in good condition. You can travel safely along with your family members.

Things To Do In Madan Mahal Fort

The main attraction of this fort is the fort itself. If you want, you can explore this fort in the best possible manner. There are ample features of the fort that must be explored by the tourists.

1. War Rooms

War Rooms of ancient time

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The war room of this fort is the most important one as it contains a variety of items. Although now it is under the Archaeological Department, you should try to explore the weapons or arms that were used during the ancient period by the Gondwana rulers which in themselves speak of the grandness and royalty of these rulers.

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2. Main Pleasure Chambers Of The Rulers

Chambers of stone

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It is another important room that is located inside the fort. There are few traces in the present time that should be explored by the visitors. Visit these chambers to get a better insight into the lives of these ancient rulers. Don’t forget to see these chambers when you visit the historical Madan Mahal Fort.

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3. Small Pond

Small Pond In Madan Mahal

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There is a small pond within the fort. It is not so well maintained, but till now it reveals the fact that it was immensely used by the rulers of those periods. It was beautifully decorated during the ancient period and still looks very beautiful and you should definitely check this out. See it to get a glimpse of how the kings and queens lived.

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4. Taking Pictures

Picture of fort

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If you want, you can take the snaps of the ancient traces that are remaining. Many statues are still prevalent. Madan Mahal Fort is very pretty and quite Instagrammable. You can take some amazing pictures here your social media handles and make the world jealous! Don’t forget to carry your camera!

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Nearby Places To Madan Mahal Fort

Apart from all this, some nearby places are present around the fort. You should try to cover such places as much as possible because each one of them has some historical significance.

1. Pisanhari Ki Madiya

Pisanhari Ki Madiya

Image Courtesy: encyclopediaofjainism

This is a very important Jain temple that is famous for its amazing architecture. It is said that this temple is about 650 years old, but even now it is famous for its beautiful sculptures. This is the reason why it attracts a lot of people. You must visit the place to witness the architecture and spend some good time.

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2. Lord Shiva Statue

Statue of Shiva

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If you are at this place, you should try to explore the famous Shiva Statue and you are bound to feel the divinity. It is a 76 feet tall Lord Shiva idol that is built under the open sky. There are sitting arrangements that are made all around the idol. You can sit and spend some quality time with your friends and relatives.

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3. Balancing Rocks

Balancing Rocks

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It is one of the most impressive ones that are available in this place. It is a rock that has been balancing the other ones for centuries. Most of the people come here to have a look at these rocks. They have not lost its balance and no one has even been able to find out the reason behind the rocks.

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4. Dumna Nature Reserve


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This is a great eco-tourism site that is the main attraction of many tourists. It comprises 2500 acres of land and this place is a home of many wild animals. There is a toy train that can take you to a complete ride in this forest. You can also have some refreshments inside the forest where most of the people flock after completing the trip. There is a boating facility that is provided on the Khandari reservoir.

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5. Marble Rocks Of Bhedaghat

River between marble rocks

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Bhedaghat is located on the banks of the Narmada River. This beautiful 3 KM gorge is the main attraction of the tourists. Many people come here to enjoy a boat ride across the calm Narmada River. You can take your family and friends for the boat ride. You can also pick up some souvenirs that are available in various nearby shops.

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6. Dhuandhar Falls


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The gushing water of Narmada River flows in the form of the waterfall and it is named the Dhuandhar Falls. The water falls with a great speed and it makes for a very beautiful scene which is soothing and very pleasing to the eyes There are cable car services that can help you to cross the river.

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Travel Tips For Madan Mahal Fort:

Some important tips should be kept in mind while planning a trip to Madan Mahal Fort. Let us guide you through some of them. Make sure you follow these for a great trip!

  • You should carry a camera while planning a trip to this place. It will help you to take beautiful snaps and store them for future memories.
  • You should also carry sunglasses during the trip. It will protect you from the scorching heat of the sun. You should carry sunscreens as well, so that they can protect you from harmful UltraViolet rays. Sometimes umbrellas can also be used to protect you from the sun rays.
  • If you are going inside the fort then it is better to take a torch light. There may be some corners of the fort, which are dark. In such a case, you can use a torch for free and easy movement.
  • Book your hotels before planning anything. Most of the time, there is a heavy rush and in such a situation, you may not get the tickets.
  • It is also better to check the taxi fares before you are hiring them because in many cases it has been seen that the drivers charge an extra amount for the short trips in and around the city.
  • You should also make the flight and train booking before coming to this place. As Madhya Pradesh is a very important state, there is always a rush on the flight and train fares.
  • Put some soothing and comfortable clothes while travelling to this fort because you might feel hot and humid while travelling to this place. Try to wear light clothes.

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The Madan Mahal Fort in Jabalpur can be a new experience for you and your family members. It can take you to a different part of the time when the country was ruled by the Gondwana. During your trip to Jabalpur, you can gather a lot of information about the ancient period. Madan Mahal Fort is the heritage of Jabalpur. To this date, it holds its culture and beauty. Although now it is under the supervision of the Archaeological Survey of India, this place has some scenic beauty that is hard to be described in simple words.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Madan Mahal fort

What is the specialty of Madan Mahal Fort?

The Madan Mahal Fort is so high that you can easily take a panoramic view of the whole city. It will be a wonderful experience for you and your family. During ancient times, it was used to keep a good watch on the enemies.

How can you reach Madan Mahal Fort?

This place is well connected with the road. You can visit this place by hiring a cab. There are good quality cars that are available in this city. You can choose it as per your capacity and budget.

Which is the best time to visit Madan Mahal Fort?

It is said that Jabalpur has a humid climate and due to this, it is best to visit during the winter months. However, the best time to visit this place is from October to March.

Which can be the best places to visit in this place?

There are ample places that are found around this city. Some of them are the Lord Shiva Statue, Dhuandhar waterfalls, and similar other places.

Are hotels available throughout the year?

Many hotels are available throughout the year. But in most of the cases, it is advised to make prior bookings so that you can be sure about the accommodation.

What type of local foods can you try in Jabalpur?

Jabalpur is a big city and so you can get various types of food. Seekh Kabab is one of the most famous dishes to try in Jabalpur.

Are taxi fares around Madan Mahal Fort costly?

Usually, the taxi fares are always normal and reasonable, but in some cases when you are traveling to this fort they may charge extra for this.

Which is the best language for communication around Madan Mahal Fort?

There is no specific language of this place. Hindi is always accepted and people speak English as well.

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