Lhyaviani Atoll Resorts



The Maldives, the famous islands of South Asia, is the dream holidaying destination for many. Ihyaviani Atoll can be considered to be synonymous to nature. Made up of about 50 different islands, of which only five are inhabited this Ihyaviani Atoll is the furthest anyone can get from the bustle of the city without leaving comfort. At a place like this, nature awaits its admirers. The best part is, Lhyaviani Atoll Resorts are famed because of its service to customers. The capital of this clump of islands, Nairfaru is well known for its vibrant local markets where travelers can purchase some amazing handicrafts made from Mother-of-pearl. With new avenues of tourism opening up at these islands, the Lhyaviani Atoll Resorts are all built with modern facilities and well-planned structure.

Special Experiences

The Lhyaviani Atoll Resorts are known for their excellent hospitality as well as the different option they provide to make a vacation unforgettable. Right from private beach areas at The Palm Beach Island and Resort to the patio and terrace attached rooms at the Hurawalhi Island and Resort guests are sure never to want to leave their hotels for anything. These Lhyaviani Atoll Resorts are also well known for their spa and wellness centers where trained masseuse gives some of the most relaxing spa treatments known. From amazing watersports for the young adventure seekers to finishing trips for those looking for some quiet time on the water, these resorts are indeed a haven for activities and make sure that the travelers never get bored of on their vacation.


Lhyaviani Atoll Resorts rooms have mesmerizing rooms, properly equipped washrooms, tea, and coffee make kettles and all the other requirements. This makes the stay at Ihyaviani Atoll comfortable. Besides these essential amenities, there are various other tempting facilities too. Lhyaviani Atoll Resorts like the Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives – A Premium All-Inclusive Resort, are well known for their services which include free wifi all over the resort, airport shuttle services, along with family-friendly services like children’s play area and babysitting and childcare services. These resorts also feature some fantastic swimming pools and infinity pools that can give one the most enchanting views of the sunsets and the ocean around the resorts. The resorts are also equipped with fitness centers which are decked with state of the art equipment as well sports centers where the guests can enjoy themselves during the lazy afternoons.


Lhyaviani Atoll Resorts serve all the cuisines from east to west and from north to south. The tourists just need to name the cuisine they would like to sample, and it will be presented to them. The Palm Beach Island and Resort and Hurawalhi Island and Resort serve the most exotic cuisines to their customers. These customers do not have to travel far when searching for a place to enjoy a few delicious cocktails and local munchies since the Lhyaviani Atoll Resorts also feature some fantastic bar services.


Q1. Are there any smoke-free zones in Lhyaviani Atoll Resorts?

A. Yes. The Resorts have specific zones for smoking.

Q2. Are there any sound free zones?

A. Depends from hotel to hotel, but this can be confirmed during the time of booking. There are a few hotels in Ihyaviyani Atoll that do have sound free zones.

Q3. Are there any special foods available for babies?

A. No. But kettles are available in the rooms. The food can be prepared in the rooms with the help of those. Some resorts also have kitchen facilities. So baby food can be easily prepared.

Q4. Are there any children pools in Lhyaviani Atoll Resorts?

A. Yes. There are less deep regions in the pool where children can swim. Most hotels in Ihyaviyani are kid-friendly hence they make sure to provide such facilities for kids.

Q5. Is there any first aid arrangement in Lhyaviani Atoll Resorts?

A. Yes. For immediate situations, the Resorts have a first aid treatment which can help until the nearest hospital can be reached.

The warm water of Indian Ocean and the deep sun rays enthusiastically await for its admirers at Ihyaviani Atoll. Guests can get the most out of this happening place with the support of Lhyaviani Atoll Resorts. The place is designed and planned for the tourists. Once tourists are here, they find the Lhyaviani Atoll Resorts enthusiastically waiting for them. The super comfortable rooms, the mesmerizing decor, the flat screen TV, the swimming pool and the excellent food is waiting here at Ihyaviani Atoll. There is a lot that these stunning resorts can offer for their guests. The peace and quiet that one can find at these resorts are just amazing as is the heartwarming hospitality of the staff here.