Krabi 5 Star Resorts



Going for a holiday to another country isn’t fulfilled without residing in luxurious places in the area. While most people select hotels and nowadays, even homestays, staying at resorts is a great way to explore any destination and understand its true meaning of luxury. Resorts are a dream world that exists in real life. They are grand, outstanding, and spectacular. Through this article, get to know about the Krabi 5 star resorts that will elevate anyone’s travel experience and make them fall in love with the island.

Thailand means “Land of Free”. This country gets this name because it was never colonized by European or British country. Here, one will find several Buddhist monks, temples, and different kinds of beautiful architecture. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It is also known as “Krung Thep Maha Nakhon” locally. This city is large in terms of population density as well as temples. It is the most visited city in Thailand, while the most visited island is Krabi. This is a small island located to the south of Thailand on the west coast. It is made up of 154 small islands. Mountain Khao Phamon Bencha is the highest point one must see at the region. It is surrounded by rich and posh areas that have rich boutiques, cafes, and culture. Visiting Krabi doesn’t only mean a typical tropical vacay but also a lovely insight over the history of Thailand too. So, reserve rooms at the wondrous Krabi 5 star resorts, soon and satiate of wanderlust that has one landed at the beautiful island of Krabi.

Special Experiences

There are numerous special experiences that are provided by Krabi 5 star resorts. These resorts are located alongside beaches and dive sites so they not only offer great views but also sightseeing tours as well. One gets to dive into the lush island districts that are host to unique activities such as snorkeling, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, free diving, and much more. Every day, wake up to bright sunshine and beach views that is known to soothe the mind from all worries. Also, get an amazing Thai massage, Balinese massage, or Swedish massage. One can also get deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, or couples massage as well.


The Krabi 5 star resorts have facilities that are luxuriating, to say the least. The resorts open to the private sandy beach where visitors can get the perfect tan lines. The rooms have a private balcony, garden areas, and heated pools. The rooms are provided with a personal working desk, television, and music systems. The rooms have a cordless phone, safety boxes, bathroom and hygiene essentials, and cosmetic essentials also. The hotel staff is very responsive and alert to tourist’s needs and requirement. They provide free internet connectivity, parking, gym, library, chauffeur, and bellboy services access.


Dining at the Krabi 5 star resorts is a bliss. The chefs and cooks are professionals who satisfy any kind of food requirements. The hotels have hygiene and well-maintained kitchens. There are also a la carte restaurants and bars incorporated too. They have a fixed menu that offers international cuisines such as Thai, Chinese, Italian, German, Indian, Australian, African, and much more. The lounge bar or sports bar include cocktails, mojitos, and punches. However, for people with special diets, the chefs will be happy to oblige and cook up tailor-made foods on special requests.


Q1. What are some good places to visit at Krabi?

A. Some good places to visit at Krabi include Phi Phi Islands, Railay Beach, Ko Phi Phi Le, Ko Lanta Yai, Ko Poda, Ao Nang Beach, Tiger Cave Temple, Ko Ngai, Emerald Pool, Ko Hong, and much more.

Q2. Is Krabi a safe place to visit with family?

A. Yes, Krabi is a safe place to visit with family. However, one must also be careful and watchful about the surroundings as small crimes such as robbery and pickpocketing keep occurring.

Q3. What currency is accepted in Thailand?

A. The Thai Baht is accepted in Thailand. However, the U.S. Dollar, Australian Dollar, and G.B. Pound are also accepted.

Q4. Is it true that internet is available for the public in Thailand?

A. Yes, there are several areas that have free public internet connectivity.

Q5. Does one need a visa to enter Thailand?

A. Yes, one requires a visa to enter Thailand. However, some tourists are allowed entry through a valid passport.

This vacation has the capability of being the most momentous event of a traveler’s life by taking them through the marvelous island of Krabi and giving them a chance to explore the divine luxury of Krabi 5 star resorts. One can get treated like royalty at these resorts as they have the most civil and polite staff with excellent services. Travelers can select the most suitable rooms depending upon the kind of travel- from family to solo. One can get to enjoy services such as a private sandy beach, balcony, and pool.

Guests can also, take a beach trip from the resort and explore viewpoints so that allows visitors to open themselves up to various adventure activities such as kitesurfing, wakeboarding, swimming, free diving, sailing, and much more. Restore and regenerate with a Swedish, Thai, or Balinese massage session. Begin the night with dinner that is served by well-experienced chefs. When the tongue plays with hundreds of flavors in one go, one often feels at a loss of word to narrate this experience. Enjoy more than 30 fusion of cocktails and mocktails as well. It is often said that people never come back the same after a holiday at Krabi- they’re often better and staying at the uplifting Krabi 5 star resorts is one of the main reasons why!