Hotels Near Mahe Airport Seychelles



A trip to the beautiful, mesmerizing Seychelles is a must-have destination in the bucket list. Seychelles is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Featuring around 115 islands spread across the Indian Ocean and located on the east coast of Africa, Seychelles is a mesmerizing beauty of its own offering the tourists from all the corners of the world with a bespoke, unparalleled experience to last for a lifetime. Seychelles is also a famous honeymoon destination owing to the wide number of beautiful, breathtaking islands spread all over for ensuring maximum comfort, serenity, and relaxation of the guests at all times. When the travelers wish to give away the hassles of making reservations at the best hotels near Mahe Airport Seychelles, they must aim at making advanced bookings – much before the peak season.

Most of the tourists who arrive in Mahe, Seychelles prefer booking the top-class, luxury hotels near Mahe Airport Seychelles for ensuring the overall ease of transportation to & from the airport. Moreover, it also offers them the opportunity to easily access all the local landmarks and transportation services for exploring Seychelles luxuriously. As such, the travelers keep looking for high-end, luxury hotels near Mahe Airport, Seychelles to allow them to enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

Special Experiences

The Mahe Island in Seychelles is a must-visit tourist destination by most of the travel experts out there. The overall natural beauty of the place complemented with pristine, serene islands and crystal-clear, Topaz waters of the ocean –there is nothing more someone could ask for. In addition to the overall natural beauty of the Mahe Island, the unrivaled, world-class hospitality services offered by the luxury hotels in & around Mahe in Seychelles add to the overall tourist attraction features of the place. Be it a luxurious spa or a extravagant pool, these hotels have it all. Some hotels offer a number of water activities as well such as diving, snorkeling and windsurfing.

Most of the divine hotels in Seychelles including the top-class hotels near Mahe Airport Seychelles are known for providing world-class, special experiences that are loved & adored by tourists from all around the world. In addition to offering the overall ease of transportation to & from the Mahe Airport, the hotels that are located near the airport also offer exclusive tourist experiences to the guests from all over.


There is no competing with the world-class hospitality services and facilities offered by top-class hotels & beach resorts in the Mahe Island in Seychelles. The hotels near Mahe Airport Seychelles along with the top-rated beach hotels & beach resorts are known for offering exclusive facilities to the visitors who come to stay & explore from all over the world. Right from offering the ease of commuting to & from the airport to in-room laundry services, dry cleaning services, swimming pools, in-house bar facilities, and so more –the famous hotels in & around Mahe Island in Seychelles are quite popular amongst the worldwide travelers.

In addition to the on-premise facilities offered by these hotels and resorts to the guests for enriching their overall stays, the top-class hotels are also famous for organizing special events and activities around the hotel premises to enhance the overall traveling experiences of the guests.


When the travelers visit Seychelles, they wish to explore everything. Right from the unparalleled world-class hospitality to fine local dining experiences, the guests from all the corners of the world can be assured of the ultimate lifetime experiences during their stay in the Mahe Island in Seychelles. Thankfully, Mahe Island in Seychelles is filled with high-end restaurants to local dine-outs wherein the tourists from all over the world can enjoy delectable dishes from all the corners of the world. Most of the high-end restaurants in Mahe including the Boat House, Baobab, Le Corsaire, Le Perle Noire, and so more are known for delivering an unrivaled dining experience to the guests from all over.


Q1. What are the best areas in Mahe Island to stay in Seychelles?

A. For experiencing the best hotel stays when in Mahe Island in Seychelles, the tourists can consider booking the best hotels near Mahe Airport, Seychelles. Some of them can also prefer staying at the leading beach hotels & resorts.

Q2. What are the best luxury airport hotels in Mahe Island?

A. Some of the best-in-class options for the hotels near the Mahe Airport include Luxury Eden Island Apartment, Touchdown Villa, Albizia Lodge Green Estate, and others.

Q3. Are foreign currency exchange services offered at these hotels?

A. Towards ensuring the overall ease of the international guests during their stay, most of the hotels provide the facility to accept foreign currency exchange.

Q4. Are there restaurants near the airport hotels in Mahe?

A. While staying at the top-class airport hotels in Mahe, the guests can prefer dining at the finest in-house hotel restaurants.

Q5. Do these hotels offer a travel desk facility?

A. Yes, almost all hotels feature a travel desk as well as a 24-hour reception for the convenience of guests.

For enjoying an unparalleled experience when in the Mahe Island in Seychelles, the tourists must aim at booking the best hotels as per their choice & preference. If the overall ease of transportation & accessibility to & from the Mahe Airport is their topmost priority, the travelers can then aim at booking the best hotels near Mahe Airport Seychelles. The tourists can make the most of the stays at Seychelles by booking the best-in-class hotel rooms at these hotels. In addition to this, the fine-class restaurants and dine-outs that are spread all across Mahe Island in Seychelles offer exclusive dining experiences to the guests. The guests here can enjoy exclusive dining services that feature presenting delicious multi-cuisines from all the corners of the world. One is sure to enjoy a wonderful vacation at these hotels.