Honeymoon In Mauritius: 7 Days And 6 Nights Of Bliss!


Mauritius is a perfect blend of romance and adventure which is why Chintan and his wife decided to go to a honeymoon trip to Mauritius. Having experienced a completely different vibe and lifestyle, here’s what Chintan wrote about his wonderful trip to Mauritius.

Trip Type: A Romantic & Adventurous Honeymoon Trip

Duration: 7 Days & 6 Nights

Budget: INR 1,45,000

Inclusions: Accommodation at Le Surcouf Hotel, Transfers, Breakfast & Dinner, Sightseeing, North Island Tour, South Island Tour, Ile Aux Cerf and much more.

couple on honeymoon trip to Mauritius

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Since we began our honeymoon planning, me and my wife were a bit confused whether to pick Maldives or Mauritius. After a lot of discussion and research, we finally decided to go to Mauritius. I was searching for the best Mauritius honeymoon packages when I came across TravelTriangle. We found their packages to be way better than other portals and the fact that we could customize our own package was different and commendable.

A Joyful Beginning

Beach Hotels in Mauritius

On the first day, we left for Mauritius from the Mumbai International Airport by 6.45 am and reached Mauritius by 11.30 am. We had to get visa on arrival after which, we were transferred to the Le Surcouf Hotel. We reached the hotel by 1.30 pm and received a warm welcome from the hotel officials.

The hotel property was a great and spacious one. It was set amidst a lush green garden and the beach front did the magic for us. Tired from the day’s journey, we relaxed to the core and retired to bed early.

A Sugary Tour Of Mauritius

Couple on a honeymoon trip in Mauritius

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Our second day was booked for the North Island tour. After a delicious breakfast we first explored the Sugar Factory nearby with a little bit of local shopping at Belle Mare. Our North Island tour had officially begun as we proceeded to the historical Citadelle de Port-Louis and enjoyed the historical past of Mauritius.

Shopping near Caudan waterfront Mauritius

Later we went to admire the French architecture at Place D’Armes. Other than that, we also enjoyed a unique shopping experience at the amazing Caudan Waterfront. A wonderful day had come to an end and we called it a night post our dinner at the hotel.

A Day Amidst The Nature

Casela Nature Park in Mauritius

The third day was reserved for the South Island tour. We started out in the morning after a scrumptious breakfast. It was more of south west and we loved exploring the roots of Mauritius. We visited the striking crater of Trou Aux Cerfs which is an extinct volcano.

animals in casela nature park mauritius

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In the afternoon, we also visited the Casela Nature Park which is rich in flora and fauna. We were surrounded by greenery everywhere and we also got to spot fierce white lions, zebras, and many types of tropical birds. It was too much fun and the experience at Casela was unique indeed.

Indulging In Water Fun At Ile Aux Cerf Islands

Man enjoying under seawalking in Mauritius

It was the fourth day that we were looking forward to with great excitement to visit the amazing Ile Aux Cerf Islands. Post breakfast, we were transferred to the island via a speed boat.

Couple enjoying under seawalking in Mauritius

From the ride itself we could feel how Mauritius is filled with thrill when it comes to the water activities. We went on to experience the most awaited underwater sea walking at Ile Aux Cerf. Walking and exploring life underwater amidst the sea was an unforgettable moment for us.

Calm Before The New Year Bash

Happy New Year dishes Mauritius

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Tired of all the fun activities the previous day, we decided to rest on the fifth day and plan out our next day activities. We had a hearty meal in the afternoon and enjoyed every bit of luxury at the hotel as we had to gear up for the New Year’s Bash. The hotel had arranged for a New Year Party and we had such a gala time with other couples and guests at the hotel. Welcoming the New Year at such a romantic destination was a different feeling altogether.

Being A Water Baby In Mauritius

Couple enjoying kayaking in Mauritius

Our sixth day was the most adventurous of all days. Post breakfast, we started out the water activities offered by the resort. We had planned for kayaking, parasailing and tube ride and all three of them were a level up from what we were expecting.

Couple enjoying speed boat ride in Mauritius

Flying in the air and kayaking in middle of the beach was a great experience indeed. Tube ride was a ride to remember. The day was filled with fun and adventure and we couldn’t have asked for more. As we had to depart the next day, we made sure we get enough rest too and we called it a night.

You Will Be Missed Mauritius!

hotel and cabs in Mauritius

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It was our last day in Mauritius and bidding goodbye to such an incredible and awesome place is always tough. We finished our breakfast and completed the checkout process as our speed boat was waiting for us. We were transferred to the airport and we boarded our flight to India.

Our Honeymoon Highlights: Our stay at Le Surcouf Hotel and of course, the under sea walking at Ile Aux Cerf Islands.

Low Points: Food was not that good.

Tips For Future Travelers:

  • Mauritius is an ideal and perfect destination for honeymooners.
  • Buy water from the supermarket as the price for water ranges from INR 30 to 600 based on the location.
  • Plan your vacation freely with enough gap so that you can rest well.

Craft your memories and cherish them forever. Book the best of Mauritius honeymoon packages with TravelTriangle and get ready for real fun, romance and adventure!