Cheap Hotels In Flic en Flac



When traveling on a budget it is not necessary that one must forget all the pleasures to just stay at expensive hotels. To make it easier for guests to choose hotels that are not just cost-friendly, Mauritius offers a wide range of Cheap Hotels in Flic en Flac that are not just budget-friendly, but also provide all the amenities that guests would need while their stay.

Apart from being one of the most popular tourist destinations, Mauritius is a wondrous island where one can have fun. This archipelago is home to several recreational activities such as snorkeling, parasailing, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and much more beyond anyone’s imagination. It is also home to lagoons, coral reefs, lush greenery, and hills. The island is not just the favorite spot for couples to stop by for a honeymoon, but even families and friends who come here to make their holidays the best and the hotels on this island play a great part in that. The island is very calm and soothing for the mind. Several hotels are located near the beaches that reflect the same. These hotels are not just of top-quality, but they are also cheap as well. If travelers are on a budget while visiting Flic en Flac, they must opt for cheap Hotels in Flic en Flac .

Special Experiences

Just because travelers are on a budget, there is no need to pass off on some of the world class services that are offered at all the hotels in Flic en Flac Mauritius. Most Cheap Hotels in Flic en Flac such as the Sea Villa Mauritius, offer an amazing outdoor pool where travelers can take dip if they get tired of the sea. Since many hotels are close to the beach, they can find many sun lounger chairs that beckon to abandon all prospects of going out of the hotel and just laze in the sun getting a tan. Should a guest not want to go all the way to the beach, the hotels also boast of sun terraces where they can enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the sun set over the horizon. One can also enjoy an outdoor barbecue set up at hotels like the Les 2 canons.


The first thing to look for in any hotel is the facilities that they provide. The cheap hotels in Flic en Flac, do not falter when it comes to providing the best essential facilities for their customers. Every room is provided with their own tea and coffee making machines. They are also provided with their own private minibar as well. The customers are given access to fitness centres, swimming pools, bar, spa centres, meeting and conference rooms, and free internet. There are bike and car facilities available for hiring as well. Same day dry cleaning and laundry services are also available in many of these hotels. Cheap Hotels are also upheld on their quality by their staff members who are warm and polite and make sure that guests receive all the aid necessary to make their vacation great. Sugar Reef West Coast is a great example of quality services and amenities in the Cheap Hotels in Flic en Flac category.


No hotel is complete without top-quality food. If one is worried that cheap hotels do not provide good food, then needn’t worry. The cheap hotels in Flic en Flac make sure guests are completely satisfied with facilities, food, as well as budget. The hotels have well-trained kitchen experts ready to serve with the best food. The hotels provide guests with delicious traditional seafood. Apart from that they also offer great classic dishes such as bacon, eggs, and pastries as well. The breakfast provided in the hotels are mostly free and can be customised as well.


Q1. Is it in budget to get from the airport to the hotel?

A. Yes, all hotels in Flic en Flac provide a shuttle service that can take visitors from the airport to the Hotel and vice versa.

Q2. Do Cheap Hotels in Flic en Flac provide parking?

A. Yes. Almost all hotels in Flic en Flac provide secured parking so one need not worry about the safety of the vehicle when staying here.

Q3. Do hotels in Mauritius accept foreign currency?

A. Yes, all hotels in Flic en Flac Mauritius accept foreign currency and they also provide exchange centers.

Q4. Can cars be hired at the Cheap Hotels in Flic en Flac?

A. No, budget hotels in Flic en Flac do not provide car hire services, however the concierge desk can help them in finding a taxi.

Q5. What are the free services provided in these hotels?

A. Wifi, breakfast, room service, tour assistance, access to the swimming pool, fitness center etc. are services which guests can avail at their hotels at no extra cost.

While visiting Flic en Flac, one must forget all the tension and myths that are going around the mind that budget-friendly hotels do not provide amazing service. The cheap hotels in Flic en Flac make sure guests are not just satisfied with their services but also happy with the stay. They come with all affordable accommodations in packages such as standard, executive, superior, connected, and suites. Facilities such as blackout curtains, flat screen television, tea and coffee making machines, minibars, and radio systems are also provided. Free Wi-Fi connectivity, access to gym, library, pools, and spa are also present for the customers. The hotel staff and management are well-trained and courteous to make sure guests are comfortable. Travelers can enjoy their vacation with partners, friends, family, or relatives and make the best trip by finding a budget-friendly and cheap hotels.

Some hotels that one can look at when planning a budget trip to Flic en Flac Mauritius are Residence Padma, Manisa Hotel, West Coast View Locations, Hotel Flic en Flac Ile Maurice, Rayan Tourist Villa, Aanari Hotel and Spa, Ayati Hotels, Rs Villas, Riverview Hotel, and much more.