Canyoning In Split: A Detailed Guide For A Thrilling Vacation In 2022!


Split is a city in Dalmatia County, Croatia. It is an international tourist destination in Europe to see its Mother Nature. Yet, canyoning in Split is one of the outdoor adventure sports activities one must take a once in a lifetime. The Cetina River offers one of the amazing and mind-blowing canyoneering activities for the young and adult people. There are many adventure sports companies to serve domestic and international tourists for canyoning in this famous river. Canyoning is the best way to explore this river and see its aquatic beauties in Split.

This is a tourist-friendly place in Croatia. Once in Croatia, you must try canyoning sports in Split. This is an organized adventure trip. It takes a day to explore this Cetina River canyoning. Here, we have discussed a few of the low and high-risk adventure activities to go by energetic, fearless and those you are skillful to venture into river canyoning. You will come across tunnels, waterfalls, canyons, and flowing river on rocky terrain. This river flows in scenic locations, canyons, and wilderness of Split.

6 Types Of Canyoning In Split

Take a look at this list of types of canyoning in Split in Croatia that you must try on your vacation. Keep scrolling down and read along!

1. Cetina River Side Walking

Cetina River Side Walking


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The riverside walking is the best way to see the exotic beauty of the Cetina River. If you are coming with your family, this is an excellent outdoor activity to do in Split. You can take children above eight years old for canyoning in Split. As per the EU canyoning standards, the parents must accompany the teenagers. The honeymoon couples can also try this once in honeymoon tour to Croatia. You will be walking alongside the canyon walls.

They are amazing places to look with lush green algae and Paphiopedilum orchids on the rocks. You can go for a short distance or long distance Cetina River sidewalk. This can be for a half-day trip that concludes within four hours. Yet, riverside walking is a part of canyoning activities in Split. It is advisable to select the best canyoning adventure package when you visit here in solo, with family and the honeymoon couples.

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2. Abseiling


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There are abseiling places in the Cetina River flowing in Split. One can do abseiling from 50-m to 100-m height. You will land on the river water once again. This will be a different feel as you decent with the help of a rope from the top heights of this river canyon. People with a fear of heights can try on lower level abseiling places in this river. This is the best place to go for abseiling by beginners. This is safe as river water is flowing down the abseiling places. The option is yours to seek this adventure or not after reaching the spot. This is the best way to see the river vistas from top heights. This rive is with exotic green surroundings.

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3. Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping

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Jumping from a high rock and landing on this river is another adventure activity. This is best to do by swimmers. It is not advisable to jump with a lifejacket and floats. This can cause bounce back or removal of floats from your body due to force you to fall in the waters. Yet, you can refresh after your strenuous canyoning activities in Split. The Cetina River water is crystal clear. They have many mineral values. It is advisable to take a dip by jumping from permissible heights on this flowing river. You can bathe in this river water and refresh yourself while canyoning in Split. You can even jump into poolside areas, where this river water flow is normal. It is advisable to avoid jumping if you have acrophobia.

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4. Extreme Canyoning

Extreme Canyoning

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Canyoning in Split is inclusive of extreme levels for the professionals. It is advisable to show your canyoneering certificate to make your canyoning dream come true in Split, Croatia. This is because, sliding down the rapids, rappelling, climbing, and jumping are in high-risk areas. These are daredevil adventure activities in a different area of the Cetina River. The people with high levels of energy and guts can try this extreme canyoning in Split. It will take a full day under a two-day adventure trip in Split to complete all the extreme adventure-sporting activities present here. It will be better to come under an extreme canyoning sports company in Split to do it professionally. This will be as per the EU standards in canyoning.

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5. Gubavica Waterfall Rappelling

You cannot find any other eye-soothing place in the Cetina River flowing in Split as this waterfall is. The Gubavica Waterfall is one of the best sites for rappelling in Split canyoning. You will descent through rappelling from a height of 175-ft from the top of this waterfall. Lush green plants and trees surround this river waterfall. You can catch those glimpses as you come down with the help of a rappelling rope and gear. You will land on this waterfall cascade is another exciting thing. You will feel the adrenaline rush throughout your rappelling from this scenic waterfall. This will be with the flow of water from the falls and landing on its cool cascade. You can have a dip in this cascade and come out with a refreshing bath.

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6. River Canyoning

River Canyoning

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The people with swimming knowledge are the most welcome for adventurous river canyoning in the Split. This is a full-day outdoor adventure activity. You will cover the permissible parts of the Cetina River in Split. One has to swim a certain distance while exploring this river. There are places where you have to slide down. You must be careful while sliding along with the flowing water. You have to walk along with water, where the river water level is below the knees. In such areas, you can just float along the river streams. You can book river canyoning alone or with some low-risk adventure activities to do along within a full day package. This will include jumping, abseiling and venturing into river tunnels. You must select the best adventure package, which includes most of the activities while in river canyoning in the Cetina River. People with hypothermia must not try river canyoning in Split. This is because; water is cool in all seasons.

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The tourists and adventure seekers visiting Split must book in advance during the peak season. It is advisable to carry valid ID cards, and canyoning training certificates if any. Split is the finest place for training in river canyoning. The local adventure sports service provider takes the utmost care for canyoning enthusiasts. This list of types of canyoning in Spilt will help your decide what is your level for this activity. So, get packed, pick the type of Canyoning that you like, plan your vacation in Split and get ready to have an adventurous trip!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Canyoning In Spilt

What are all the major canyoning adventure activities available in Split, Croatia?

The outdoor adventure activities like climbing, hiking, jumping, rappelling, riverside walking, sliding, and swimming is available in Slip for amateur and professional canyoning enthusiasts.

Can children coming with a family; can go for adventure canyoning in Split?

Yes, the children’s age must be above 8-years for low-risk activity. He or she must be above 15-years to venture into adventure canyoning activities. You must inquire about the age limit before booking.

Is it safe for canyoning in Split, Croatia?

Yes, canyoning in Split is as per the EU standards in canyoneering activities. These are organized outdoor adventure sporting activities. There are authorized canyoning adventure sporting companies to serve the canyoning enthusiast.

Does an adventure sports company will refund if adventure canyoning in Split is canceled due to natural causes?

Yes, the adventure sports companies in Split may cancel a canyoning trip due to heavy rain or flood. They do refund the full amount.

Which are the best months to visit Split in Croatia for canyoning adventure?

April to October are the best months to visit Split in Croatia for canyoning adventure.

How many days it will take to cover all canyoning adventure activities in Split?

A two-day trip is necessary to venture into low and high-risk canyoning adventure activities in Split.

Is it necessary to bring canyoning gear and equipment to canyoning in Split?

No, the canyoning adventure company will provide canyoning gear and equipment. You can bring any, which is not inclusive of the booked canyoning adventure pack.

Is it necessary to carry food while in canyoning in Split?

Food is not necessary to carry for a half-day canyoning trip. Yet, you can bring your energy-rich snacks and drinks to boost energy and fetch your thirst while in strenuous canyoning in Split.

How cold is the Cetina River water in Split?

Swimming is one of the activities while canyoning in Split. The Cetina River water remains in-between 15- degrees Celsius to 20- degrees Celsius during the peak canyoning season in Split.

Is the summer season is the best for canyoning in Split?

Yes, the summer is pleasant months to go canyoning in Split, Croatia.