Bel Ombre Hotels



A nice white sand and cozy beach called Bel Ombre is a lesser known place in Seychelles, and there are beautiful Bel Ombre hotels to stay and enjoy this secretive place. Bel Ombre is a part of Beau Vallon Bay in Mahe, and it is quite convenient for people staying in the vicinity as well. The beauty about Seychelles is that all the beaches are pretty unique and different in their characteristics. Bel Ombre beach is a beautiful aquamarine in color and is lined with palm trees. On a warm sunny day, the beach comes alive.Staying in a hotel in Bel Ombre one can enjoy this magical beauty of the place. Tourists can go snorkeling to view the underwater fishes which flock to the coral reefs of this beach. The warm water invites tourists for a nice swim and is also ideal for just wading through the waters. There are many beaches in Bel Ombre. All the hotels serve some great food and drinks throughout the day.

Special Experiences

Even though tucked away in the corner of Mahe Bel Ombre has a lot to offer to its visitors. This white sandy beach is quiet and peaceful and offers that much-needed serenity for tourists. For people who seek nature and calmness to treat their soul, this is the best place to stay. There are various Bel Ombre hotels that cater to tourists with extreme care and attention. Almost all the hotels and resorts are located right on the beach. Some of the best Bel Ombre hotel in Seychelles to stay is the Le Meridien which is right on the beach, and one merely needs to step out of the room to go to the beach. The best deal about staying in Bel Ombre is that it is cost effective and the accommodation costs are really low.


Guests can enjoy a range of fantastic facilities offered by Bel Ombre hotels in Seychelles at a low price. Some of the great amenities provided are outdoor pools, private beach access, good restaurant, guided tours, cab services, and room service. All the rooms are equipped with a stocked refrigerator and a mini stove and a mini bar. The rooms are spacious and the housekeeping services are excellent. The staff is amicable and prompt in their services. There are innumerable restaurants close to this hotel, and guests can explore many other options for dining too. The hotel also excels in providing spa and beauty treatments for couples, and it also includes herbal massages. They can be organized on the beach too.


Dining in Bel Ombre is a peaceful and quiet experience. The restaurants are less crowded, and couples and families can enjoy their dinners sparing the noise and confusion. Treasure Cove Hotel and Restaurant is one of the best Bel Ombre hotels in Seychelles for fine dining. It has been rated very high for the quality of service and its ambiance. Guests can enjoy the beautiful decors against the backdrop of tranquil seas in a candlelit environment. Whether it is romance, love at first sight or a family dinner the restaurant has something for everyone. The restaurant serves multiple cuisines like Creole, Italian, Spanish, Western and continental. Occasionally they do serve some Asian cuisines as well. If one wants to enjoy some private and peaceful time with their loved ones, then Bel Ombre hotels and restaurants are the best choices.


Q1. Why is Bel Ombre not such a popular place?

A. A lot of visitors to Seychelles do not know about this beach unless they are well versed with the landscape of Seychelles.

Q2. Are pets allowed in beach hotels in Bel Ombre?

A. Pets are welcome at Bel Ombre, and as the place is not crowded, there are no restrictions laid on them.

Q3. Which beach hotels in Seychelles are the closest to the airport?

A. Coral Sand and Eden Bleu are pretty close, and there are several more close to the airport. These are popular hotels, but there are many budget hotels as well.

Q4. What cuisines are served in hotels in Seychelles?

A. Different cuisines like Creole, Italian, Spanish, Indian and continental cuisines are commonly served. Some unique restaurants also serve Asian cuisines like Japanese and Chinese as well.

Q5. Which are some of the best resorts in Bel Ombre?

A. The Le Meridien, Treasure Cove Hotel and Restaurant, Casadini, Beach Cove and Surfers Cove are quite popular among tourists to Bel Ombre.

Several places in Seychelles are lesser known to the world, and Bel Ombre is one of them. Among all of the hidden secrets of Seychelles, Bel Ombre tops the list. It is a secluded and a clean beach lined with palm trees and aquamarine water. The beach also has some fantastic resorts on the shores. Bel Ombre is not a very big place and is a tiny corner on the coastline of Mahe. It is worth a visit during the stay in Seychelles. Bel Ombre hotels in Seychelles along the beach is calm throughout the day, and it is one of the best places to view sunsets, and this is a highly recommended place for photography. The scenery is incredible in Bel Ombre, and people visit this beach to see this fantastic creation on earth. With so much treasure to seek, staying at a hotel in Bel Ombre is the best option. The best benefit of staying in Bel Ombre is it is much cheaper than staying in Mahe or any other island of Seychelles. It is also serene and quiet and peaceful. Visitors can have the same beach experience here and also experience the great amenities that Bel Ombre hotels in Seychelles has to offer at half the price. Most of the other attractions of Seychelles are easily accessible from here and within a few minutes away.