Autumn In Bucharest: A Handy Guide To Witness The Romanian Capital Shining!


Romania’s interesting and exciting capital city is bursting with oodles of energy and cool travel experiences, making it a great choice for your East European wanderings. Bucharest’s safe streets, affordability and abundance of experiences beckon travellers seeking to explore the exotic and enchanting Romanian locales. Stunning architectural sights, extraordinary museums, buzzing nightlife and delectable cuisine add to the charm of this lovely city with a unique history. Gorgeous churches and a plethora of amazing festivals all the year round act as a magnet for culture enthusiasts. Autumn in Bucharest is a magical time for your first trip to this beautiful city as the myriad hues of nature envelop the city in their splendour.

Best Time To Visit Bucharest


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Even though every season presents the city in a whole new light, there are surely certain times of the year which are perfect for exploring the treasures of a city like Bucharest and enjoying the lovely outdoor parks and sights. While summer months (July/August) can be extremely hot and uncomfortable for travellers, the winters too are an inappropriate time to visit the city as the temperatures dip really low and many attraction close temporarily.

Spring (April-June) and autumn (Sept-October) are undoubtedly the top two time slots for experiencing the city in its full glory. Autumn in Bucharest brings relief from the summer heat and promises pleasant weather to explore the city at leisure.

Why It’s A Good Idea To Experience Autumn In Bucharest

Autumn In Bucharest

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  • After the summer rush when both tourists and locals swarm the outdoor sights and other attractions, autumn in Bucharest is definitely easier on your pocket with lower air fares as well as hotel rentals. Pleasant weather, stunning vistas and great bargains make this a favoured time to explore the city
  • Autumn in Bucharest is also a fantastic time to experience some of the best festivals that the city hosts including the world-renowned George Enescu musical extravaganza in September.
  • Wherever you go, you’ll find lesser crowds and more time to admire the attractions at leisure and click some unforgettable pictures. Shorter queues, lower prices and better views are the order of the day!

Weather During Autumn Season In Bucharest

Autumn Season In Bucharest

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Autumn in Bucharest brings relief not just from the hordes of tourists but also the stifling summer heat. Day time temperatures in September are very pleasant and allow you to wander through the gorgeous old town and lovely parks without worrying about sweltering heat or biting cold winds. While the temperatures dip in October, it is still a good time to plan your trip.

September weather

  • Low temperature (average): 25 degree Celsius
  • High temperature (average): 13 degree Celsius
  • Rainfall days: 4

October weather

  • Low temperature (average): 17 degree Celsius
  • High temperature (average): 8 degree Celsius
  • Rainfall days: 5-6

Best Experiences During Autumn In Bucharest

Romania’s capital city puts up a spectacular show of colours and festivals as a way of living it up to the fullest before the dull and gloomy winters set in. Autumn in Bucharest is one of the most favoured times of the year to experience the best that the city has to offer, with the weather just right to explore its architectural treasures and soak in the scent of nature at the gorgeous parks and botanical gardens. Here are the most recommended experiences that promise to make your autumn in Bucharest memorable and truly rewarding.

1. Visit The Parks


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Bucharest pays ode to nature through its sprawling parks and blooming botanical gardens that are a delight to explore at all times of the year, but more so during the autumn season when magical hues impart them an undeniable charm. Visiting the popular Herastrau Park is undoubtedly among the top things to experience during autumn in Bucharest. Picturesque lakeside setting, open-air cafes and shaded strolls make parks in the city an oasis of tranquillity.

Top Parks In The City: Cismigiu Garden, Vacaresti Nature Park (the kids will love it!) and Tineretului Park.

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2. Architecture Of Little Paris Of East

Paris Of East

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Even though Bucharest lost its sheen of being the Paris of the East due to the excesses of the communist era, the city today sparkles with some outstanding architectural landmarks and sites that are huge tourist draws. From the magnificent Palace of Parliament to the Arcul de Triumf (a replica of the original one in Paris), Romanian Athenaeum and former Ceausescu residence, Bucharest will dazzle you with its range of architecture and sights. The charming cobbled streets of old town, Art Deco villas and tree-lined boulevards add to the city’s charm.

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3. Attend The Festivals


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As the autumn hues render an unmistakable magical charm to the city, Bucharest gears up for some special festivals celebrating the bountiful harvest and beautiful nature of the region. There are others that pay tribute to the traditional and classical music heritage of Romania through lovely outdoor performances. While Toamna la Ceaun Festival offers traditional dishes, drinks and handicrafts the Parcul Moghioros enthral the tourist with live musical performance and Octoberfest elements. Simply sip a local wine, pick unique souvenirs and revel in the festivities of autumn in Bucharest.

Best Autumn Festivals In Bucharest: Parcul Oraseulul Copiilor and the George Enescu Music Festival and Competition (1st Aug-2nd Sept 2019; a must for music lovers).

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4. Visit The Museums And Churches

Museums And Churches

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The culturally rich city is studded with beautiful churches and chapels showcasing Byzantine, Greek, Ottoman and renaissance elements that are sure to impress culture vultures and architecture enthusiasts. As you spend your autumn in Bucharest strolling through the city you will stumble upon gems like the Stavropoleos Church and Cretulescu Church. Equally impressive are the city’s museums that are a treasure-trove of art and artefacts. Some like the Museum of the Romanian Peasant allow a peek into the life of countryside.

Best Museums And Churches: Open-air National Village Museum, National Museum of Contemporary Art, National Art Museum of Romania and Theodore Aman Museum, St. Nicholas Church.

5. Indulge In Eating

Indulge In Eating

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After all your wanderings through the streets of the city, don’t forget to indulge your taste buds in a sumptuous traditional meal with unique local flavours. Well-known for its rich art nouveau interiors and delicious food, Caru’ cu Bere is the perfect place to kick off your culinary journey in the city. Dig into traditional cabbage rolls and trademark dessert (papanasi) for a memorable experience. The old city as well as Regis neighbourhood are superb destinations for partying the night away at the numerous clubs and bars.

Recommended restaurants and clubs: Hanu’ Berarilor Casa Oprea Soare, Bicicleta (drinks), La Muse and Mojo.

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What To Pack For Your Autumn In Bucharest Vacation

Pack For Your Autumn In Bucharest Vacation

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While the mild and pleasant weather is one of the best reasons to spend autumn in Bucharest, it is best to pack the right mix of clothes to stay comfortable during both day and night as you explore the city’s delightful treasures. Here’s our checklist of essentials for your autumn sojourn to Romania’s intriguing and exciting capital city:

  • While the days are pleasant enough for you to comfortably stroll around in your pretty summer dress or jeans paired with cool t-shirts, the evenings can get a little cool so a parka or light jacket are very useful.
  • A small day pack to carry along as you explore the pretty streets or lovely gardens by the lake comes in very handy.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are a must as the autumn in Bucharest is a great time to wander through the city on foot.
  • A collapsible umbrella and light windcheater in case the rain decides to play spoilsport in this pleasant weather.

Travel Tips

  • Though casual clothes are the norm in Romania, do carry a sports coat (men) and chic dress (women) if you plan to attend a concert or an opera.
  • Do not forget to carry your international driving license, medical insurance and suitable adapters for your devices.
  • Bucharest is the perfect base to make day-trips to the enchanting Transylvanian castles and Carpathians, thus plan accordingly.

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Autumn in Bucharest allows you to revel in the magic of the city without worrying about bad weather days. A little planning and tons of wanderlust are the key to a memorable sojourn in this lesser known east European city offering splendid natural sights and cultural experiences in equal measure. So, don’t hesitate and plan a trip to Europe , head to Bucharest and experience all this!

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