Ao Nang Beach Resort



Get away this vacation at wondrous resorts situated in Krabi. Avail the perfect holiday experience and live the moment. In this article, find the best Ao Nang beach resort.T he lovely Southeast Asian country that is renowned for its Thai massage in Thailand. It is not just the place where the rejuvenating reflexology originated but it also the place where several creatures also originated. Visiting this place is a complete package of wildlife, aquatic life, marine life, smallest animals, largest animals, and much more that exist around the world. The country is also known to house one-third of the flora and fauna in the country. So, get to witness them all. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. It is another exquisite location in Thailand that houses several temples. Hence, it is popularly called the “City of Temples”. Krabi is a province of Thailand that is visited by uncountable wanderlusts around the globe. It is a wonderful place that has national park and safari zones. It also has several islands that are lined with coral reefs. Get a chance to dive into its waters and explore what is under the oceanic waters. Also, spend time at private beaches and dining only at the Ao Nang beach resort Krabi.

Special Experiences

There are numerous special experiences that one can avail at the Ao Nang resort. The resort offers tourists, native, and wanderlusts special itinerary packages. These packages can be customized in any way the customer desires. Travelers can go solo or with friends and partners. After a strenuous day of sightseeing, the guests get a chance to avail special massage sessions which include steam and sauna baths, bubble baths, Thai massage, Balinese massage, Swedish massage, and hot foot massage. Couples can avail all these experiences privately as well. The rooms in the resort come with a private pool that is located near the balcony. So, guests can soak their worries away as they relax alongside scenic views. For instance, the Ao Nang beach resort is famous for its pool facilities and beachfront. While the Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort has an infinity pool that is the center of attraction.


The facilities that are complimentary with special experiences at the Ao Nang beach resort include different types of rooms. The rooms come with furniture, wooden floorings, ceiling decorations, and a symphony of contemporary art. They are provided with essentials which include blackout curtains, flat screen television, personal working space, seating areas, kitchen, minibars, tea and coffee making facilities, and much more beyond one’s imagination. Book these hotels and feel like one is at home because the staff ensures that the tourists get the maximum comfort throughout their stay. Other facilities also include fitness centers, healthcare, reception, laundry, and dry cleaning. The Holiday Inn is a great hotel for families. They have a pool that features four fun slides for kids. It also provides a great breakfast too.


The Ao Nang beach resort Krabi is not just popular for its special retreats, facilities, or comfort. It is also renowned for its food as well. The chefs here are well-trained and experienced chefs who have worked in world-class restaurants and hotels. So, they know all sorts of cuisines that are known to satisfy the foodie within oneself. The kids have a special menu that is nutritious and delicious. So, order what one likes and savor the symphony of flavors. There are special dining experiences in the package as well which include private dining, dining under the stars, and dining near the pool. For instance, the Vogue Resort and Spa is a great resort that offers a fine taste of authentic Indian cuisine.


Q1. What languages do the staff communicate in?

A. The staff communicates in English and Thai.

Q2. What is the currency of Thailand?

A. The currency of Thailand is the Thai Baht.

Q3. Is a visa needed to travel to Krabi?

A. Yes, one needs a visa to travel to Krabi.

Q4. How many languages are spoken across Thailand?

A. There are 74 languages spoken across Thailand.

Q5. What watersports are famous in Krabi?

A. Krabi is famous for watersports such as free diving and scuba diving.

Tourists can make this the best holiday one has ever enjoyed only at the Ao Nang beach resort. These resorts are popular in Krabi for their special experiences, facilities, and comfort food. The staff and management are extremely courteous and they ensure that their guests remain comfortable throughout the stay. The rooms come in various styles which include standard, deluxe, superior, business, honeymoon, suites, and villa. They also come with basic facilities such as blackout curtains, flat screen television, tea and coffee making facilities, and much more. The guests staying at these resorts also get to avail customized itineraries which include tours across islands, national parks, beaches, and shopping. The customers can also enjoy spa sessions. Couples can enjoy these special retreats privately with their significant other. No resort is complete without the perfect dining experience. To provide travelers with spectacular flavors we have world-class who have worked in famous restaurants and all who are well-trained. They have a special menu for kids and adults as they know the right amount of nutrition and yummy flavors that need to be served for one’s family. Hurry up, and book Ao Nang beach resort Krabi, now.