4 Star Hotels In Phuket Patong Beach



The best of the trips are possible only with the finest hotels and services provided at a destination. 4 star hotels in Phuket Patong Beach stand as great examples and justify this fact. One can enjoy a stay in the elegant and standardized rooms and suites of these hotels. Supported by highly efficient, cooperative and professional staff and management, these hotels look after one’s expectations in the best possible ways. With traditional, classic or exquisite interior designing and delightful ambiance, 4 star hotels in Phuket Patong Beach serve the best in class amenities to their guests. One can relax with the soothing and refreshing spa and massage services. Guests can satisfy their hunger cravings with delicious food served amidst great restaurants. The 4 star hotels in Phuket Patong Beach provide special services for privacy, safety, comfort, recreation, and entertainment of guests as well. Staying at these hotels is a great experience that anyone visiting Phuket should not miss out on.

Special Experiences

The 4 star hotels in Phuket Patong Beach have got some amazing and exclusive arrangements for guests to make their vacation more memorable. Some of these hotels like Amari Phuket Hotel provide beach access to their guests. Marina Phuket Hotel gives the amazing experience of live music and performances that keep the guests entertained and gives them some delightful memories to take back home. Some of the 4 star hotels in Phuket provide the facilities of fitness centers and gym as well. Lub d Phuket Patong Hotel has a boxing ring as well. One can have the facility of shuttle services at a few of these hotels. The 4 star hotels in Phuket Patong Beach undoubtedly, take care of all needs of visitors and ensure that their stay gets even better with their special services and provisions.


The 4 star hotels in Phuket Patong Beach provide with amazing facilities that include elegant rooms and awesome services. Start the day with the breakfast buffets or the delicious food that their restaurants serve. Have fun and enjoy all the basic facilities that include Wi-Fi connectivity, flat screen TVs, minibars, relaxing spas, laundry services, hospitable room services, restaurants, bars, and outdoor pools. The hotels are managed by a well-trained staff and management that provide their visitors with the best living options and facilities. Amari Phuket hotel provides personal kitchens in some of the rooms. Also, the Bursari Hotel provides with a poolside sports bar that offers some exclusive services. These facilities are sure to make the stay at 4 star hotels in Phuket Patong Beach a worth living experience.


Dining is a huge factor that many people consider while choosing the right hotel to stay at near their holiday destination. The 4-star hotels in Phuket Patong Beach have fine dining restaurants to provide their guests with delicious food of top quality and quantity. Amari Phuket Hotel has 3 restaurants and 2 bars to serve their customers and keep up to their expectations. They also have a chic tapas eatery on a jetty. Burasari has a chic snack bar and a juice bar that caters to the special demands of their guests. Marina Phuket Hotel has a rooftop restaurant that gives a beautiful view along with delicious servings. The bars at these hotels have highly professional staffs that look after all guest requirements and take steps to take their stay experience a notch higher. Marina Phuket Hotel has a poolside bar which makes it a delight to go to. In short, the hospitality of these hotels is bound to touch the hearts of the customers.


Q1. Which are the finest 4 star hotels near Phuket Patong beach?

A. Two of the best hotels of this area are Amari Phuket Hotel and Marina Phuket Hotel.

Q2. Is there a rooftop dining area in 4 star hotels in Phuket?

A. Yes, one can enjoy this facility at some of the hotels like at Marina Phuket hotel.

Q3. What type of food do the hotels serve?

A. The specialty of these hotels is Thai food but guests can get other cuisines too which vary from restaurant to restaurant.

Q4. Do any of the hotels provide shuttle service?

A. Yes, some of the hotels do provide this service as well.

Q5. What are the best entertainment services that one can enjoy in the 4 star hotels near Phuket Patong Beach?

A. The entertainment varies from one hotel to other. One can enjoy live performances, live music, sports etc. at different hotels. However, a guest should check with their hotel before visiting in order to know everything the hotel has to offer.

Choosing the right hotel for staying at any destination is a very important step while planning the perfect holiday. 4 star hotels in Phuket Patong Beach offer some really good options. Some of these hotels like Marina Phuket Hotel have a wheelchair-accessible entrance that ensures the comfort of the customers. These hotels put their best foot forward to make anyone’s holiday at the Patong Beach as memorable as possible. The hotel’s facilities and services do not give their guests any chances to complain. From perfect locations to superb dining arrangements, the hotels look after all of it. A stay at these hotels certainly becomes a memorable time and all their efforts prove out to be fruitful with happy and satisfied customers.