3 Star Hotels In Pattaya



Pattaya comes under the major tourist destination place in Thailand. The clean beaches, the weather and the views makes it the perfect destination for a peaceful holiday. To make the tour to Pattaya a more comfortable one, there are some of the best 3 star hotels in Pattaya which not only make the stay worthwhile but even fit in everyone’s budget. The 3 star hotels in Pattaya are known for their good services and the scenic views from the balconies. A guest can see the beautiful sunrise from the room itself in Pattaya and end their day with a gorgeous sunset.

Some of the best 3 star hotels in Pattaya Sea view at hill resort, hotel Zing, Royal Q&D suites, Momento resort, Zing resort & spa, Beverly Plazza hotel, RCG suites Pattaya, Coco resort and many more. The above stated 3 star hotels in Pattaya are famous for the high quality services and the hygienic conditions which is expected of any hotel. These hotels are usually preferred over other hotels not only in terms of price but also in terms of the quality of the services that are provided in here.

Special experiences

The 3 star hotels in Pattaya even come with some of the best special services that can be availed by the customers. The Sea view at hill resort has some of the best special services like outdoor pool and some of the sports facilities too. One can find a golf course to play a game of golf and there are even facilities to play billiards and table tennis in the hotel. While the hotel Zing is famous for its wellness center where one can get a therapeutic spa and massage by some of the best therapists. There are even swimming pools and outdoor pools available at the hotel Zing. One can easily have a relaxing sun bath in the beach loungers in the Momento resort. The Momento resort even has solarium, plunge pool and shallow end too. The Rooms Republic Pattaya are known for their clean outdoor pools where one can have a relaxing swim.


The 3 star hotels in Pattaya are famous for their good room services. The rooms are spacious with air conditioner and come with king size beds and clean sheets. The rooms have blackout curtains too and have good hygienic conditions. The balcony faces towards the beaches allowing fresh air to enter into the room. The bathrooms are clean and hygienic and the accessories provided are of good quality. The 3 star hotels in Pattaya even offer free Wi-Fi for its customers so that the can stay connected with their social life. The room even comes with television and in-built refrigerators. The room services are available 24*7 making it comfortable for the customers. The hotels even has the facility of airport pick up and drop off so that the customers do not have to bother about finding a cab for their journey.


One can find the cuisine in 3 star hotels in Pattaya tasty and savory. The dishes in here would serve as a treat for the taste buds. The kitchens are hygienic and the food is cooked with proper care by the chefs in here. One can get a lot of options to choose from for a meal. The 3 star hotels in Pattaya even offers Indian, Chinese and continental cuisine to its customers so that they can get an overall experience of each type of cuisine and of course, if one wants an authentic Asian fine dining experience, this place will not disappoint. The hotels even provide the local cuisine in here. Pattaya has a number of beaches which makes it a popular place to try seafood dishes. The seafood in Pattaya should not be missed. The tropical weather in here is the reason for the growth of some of the tropical fruits which one can savor in some of the dishes. The fresh fruit juices should be tried in here.


1. When should the booking be done when planning a trip to Pattaya?

The booking of the hotels should be done at least a month before the visit Pattaya.

2. Is last minute booking possible?

Though all the hotels needs to have an advance booking, but some hotels do have the facility of last minute booking.

3. Which language does the hotels staff understand?

The hotel staff is well trained to converse in English with the customers.

4. What are the free services available at the hotel?

The free services available in the hotel are Wi-Fi, room services, television, bathroom accessories and fitness centers. There is also a complimentary breakfast facility available at most hotels.

5. Does one has to pay any advance and is cancellation free?

Some of the hotels require to pay an advance amount and most of the hotels even provide free cancellation with the refund of the amount that has been paid.

The 3 star hotels in Pattaya are famous for their services and special facilities. The staff here are friendly and helpful. The rooms are worthy of the price and never makes a guest feel as if they are burning a hole in their pockets. The friendly staff, the facilities provided and the hygienic conditions along with the special facilities would make up for a wonderful stay at Pattaya. One can easily spend a day at leisure in the hotel itself or book one of the amazing experiences the hotel promises to provide. These hotels also have restaurant facilities that provide cuisines from around the world, pleasing the taste buds of their guests with world-class cuisines. A holiday in Pattaya is an exquisite experience and one can add to that by booking 3 star hotels in Pattaya.