3 Star Hotels In Hanoi



Hanoi is one of the major cities in Vietnam and thus attracts tourists from all over the world. There is no dearth of 3 Star Hotels in Hanoi and thus holidaymakers can come down in the favor of one that suits both their needs and pocket. Hotels in Hanoi are tastefully designed and thus offer a variety of amenities to their guests. Travelers can make the list of all 3 star hotels in Hanoi-Vietnam and book the one as per their taste and desire. While visiting Vietnam, one can never afford to miss the bustling and antique capital city Hanoi. This city reflects the perfect blend of old and new. Hanoi is well known for its rich culture, scenic landscapes, iconic tourist attractions, magnificent architecture and bustling city life. It is a heaven for art and culture lovers. The elegant beauty of this city draws the attention of tourists across the globe. It is a fascinating blend of East and West tradition. Hanoi is the cultural capital of Vietnam and thus serves as a paradise for culture buffs.

Hanoi is a must-visit destination for any backpacker traveling Southeast Asia. This city boasts a variety of 3-star accommodations to cater to the travelers’ needs and demands. The 3 Star Hotels in Hanoi are equipped with world class and modern facilities to give delightful experience while guests are on their holiday.

Special Experiences

Hotels in Hanoi are beautifully designed and offer top-of-the-line services and special experiences to their guests. The rooms at 3 Star Hotels in Hanoi offers majestic and panoramic city views. Some of them have balconies and separate sitting area so that travelers can enjoy the stunning beauty of the city right from their comfort zone. Hanoi HM Boutique Hotel is one such property that organizes cooking classes for the guests so that they can learn cooking at their best. Rooms in these hotels are tastefully designed and feature traditional furnishings and Vietnamese décor so as to add a royal touch. Bike rentals are available at Cosiana Hotel Hanoi so that visitors can explore the beauty of the city whenever they want. 24 hours room service is available at Hanoi Crystal Hotel so as to offer awesome and memorable staying experience.


3 Star Hotels in Hanoi are stuffed with all essential amenities and top rank facilities to offer phenomenal staying experience to their guests. A list of facilities offered at these hotels includes informal and relaxed rooms, flat screen TV, safe and lockers, beautifully designed attached bathrooms, tea, and coffee making facilities, parking, Wi-Fi, laundry service, airport shuttle and a lot more. Guests can unwind themselves in the well maintained outdoor swimming pool at Hanoi Tirant Hotel. If pets are the part of vacation then Hanoi Holiday Diamond Hotel is perhaps the best option to book as this is a pet-friendly property. Hotels such as Hanoi Larosa Hotel and Hanoi Tirant Hotel feature well-equipped gym where guests can carry on their fitness regime. One can also enjoy Jacuzzi facility in 3 star hotels like Cosiana Hotel Hanoi, Viet View Hotel Hanoi etc.


These 3 star accommodations in Hanoi promise the finest dining experience to their guests. Almost all hotels feature an on-site restaurant to satiate every gastronomic fantasy. The food served here is prepared by using fresh, local and authentic ingredients so as to add the real flavors. These hotels offer a specially curated dining experience to guests at their beautiful and plush setting. Travelers here can enjoy the delectable local and international cuisines to satisfy their taste buds. The chefs of these hotels are highly courteous and prepare the food as per the guests’ taste and demands. Viet View Hotel Hanoi is one such 3 Star Hotels in Hanoi where guests enjoy a complimentary breakfast buffet. These hotels also feature in-house bar facility that offers a variety of beverages like fruit juices, tea, coffee, and exotic cocktails and drinks.


Q1. which are some 3 Star Hotel in Hanoi that offers spa facility?

A. Some of the 3 star hotels that offer spa facility are Hanoi Old Quarter Hotel, Cosiana Hotel Hanoi, Viet View Hotel Hanoi, Hanoi Larosa Hotel etc.

Q2. Can travelers find WI-FI facility at Hanoi 3 star accommodation?

A. Yes, travelers can find a high-speed internet connection at Hanoi 3-star hotels and that too at free of cost.

Q3. What payment modes are accepted in 3 Star Hotel in Hanoi?

A. Payment modes such as Cash, Debit Card and Credit Card – Mastercard and VISA are accepted in 3 star hotels in this city.

Q4. Do 3 star hotels in Hanoi-Vietnam offer currency exchange facility?

A. Yes, some hotels in Hanoi like Hanoi Tirant Hotel offer currency exchange facility to their guests so as to facilitate their stay.

Q5. Can travelers find in-room laptops in 3 star accommodations in Hanoi?

A. Yes. Hanoi Old Town Hotel is one such property where travelers can find in-room laptops.

The Capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi is known throughout the world not only for its rustic and charming beauty but for rich culture and history. It entertains a mind-boggling number of tourists every year and to accommodate them, this city hosts a variety of accommodation options. Some of the prominent and notable 3 Star Hotel in Hanoi are Hanoi Holiday Diamond Hotel, Hanoi Tirant Hotel, Viet View Hotel, Hanoi Old Town Hotel, Hanoi HM Boutique Hotel, Hanoi Graceful Hotel, Hanoi Old Quarter Hotel, Cosiana Hotel Hanoi and a lot more. While offering a wide range of basic amenities, the hotel also provides its guests with various luxurious facilities including a sauna, spa, fitness center, water sports, live music and many more. The architectural beauty of these hotels cannot be described in words and thus all of them are worth visiting. Vacationers staying at these hotels are sure to experience an unforgettable stay.