10 Places To Visit In Alberta In Summer 2022 For Nature And Adventure Lovers


Do you fancy picturesque locations and a galore of enthralling activities? If yes, then you cannot ask for a better location than the Province of Alberta in Canada. This majestic place oozes sheer excitement and will take you to some of the most exotic places ranging from snow-capped mountains, lush green parks, crystal clear lakes, and sunny skies caressing your skin. All these heavenly traits combined make Alberta a paradise and give you some of the best places to visit in Alberta in summer that you’ll never forget. Take a look at some of the most precious ones right here.

10 Fascinating Places To Visit In Alberta In Summer

Given below are some of the most picture-perfect locales in Alberta that you cannot leave without seeing. You can experience the true essence of Canadian culture and natural beauty at these places.

1. Lake Louise

Lake Louise

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If you are looking for a jaw-dropping escapade from the loud and clumsy lifestyle of cities, then this serene and magnificent lake would be ideal for you. The stunning turquoise water accompanied by humongous mountains in the backdrop is one experience you would not want to miss out on. The lake is well known for activities like kayaking and canoeing for a rejuvenating experience. You may also go hiking on the trails, which would certainly give you an adrenaline-pumping experience. If you are looking for a candid moment to capture the scintillating beauty of this place, then Sunrise would just be the solution. The stunning vibes of this place are unparalleled, which makes it one of the most famous places to visit in Alberta in summer.

Location: Banff National Park

Best things to do: Hiking, kayaking, horse riding, canoeing

Best time to visit: July-August

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2. Icefield Parkway And Columbia Icefield

Icefield Parkway And Columbia Icefield

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If you are a travelling enthusiast, then riding amidst the towering snow-capped mountains would certainly be a jaw-dropping experience and a moment to savour for a lifetime. This mesmerising journey from Lake Louise to Jasper, would fill your heart with exuberance and enlighten your soul to the core. Witness the otherworldly magic of glaciers and waterfalls, which would make you feel like a paradise!

Water pouring into the lap of nature is one experience that you would not find anywhere else in the country. Witness the glorious place from 280 meters above the ground, at the Glacier Skywalk, an observation place. Many people from all over the world gather at the Icefields centre for a breathtaking experience! This is amongst the best family places to visit in Alberta in summer.

Location: Canadian Rockies

Best things to do: Sightseeing, hiking, driving

Best time to visit: June-September

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3. Athabasca Falls

Athabasca Falls

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This waterfall located at the Jasper National Park is an astonishing experience you should not miss out on. The incredible falls look mesmerising when the waters are poured into the Athabasca River, the 23-meter height might not intrigue you, but the ferocious flow of the water is something which would send chills through your spine for sure! And the stunning backdrop of the snow-capped landscape just adds to the grandeur of this exotic place. Make sure that you do not risk your life by seeking a nearby view, as it can have lethal consequences. Relish the view from the trail itself for a soul-warming experience! Athabasca Falls is one of the best tourist places to visit in Alberta in summer.

Location: Jasper National Park

Best things to do: Rafting, sightseeing, strolling

Best time to visit: June-August

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4. Maligne Canyon

Maligne Canyon

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If the adventure of strolling within the slot canyon excites you, then exploring this massive Canyon should be your ideal preference. The place displays two contrasting visual spectacles. In the summers, this place boasts of the verdant appeal of lush greens and soothing experience of witnessing the waterfalls. But in the winters, this place is covered by a thick blanket of Snow and Ice. Thus, you may opt for any compatible weather to relish the opportunity of exploring nature at its imperious best. This is the reason why it is listed amongst the best summer places to visit in Alberta.

Location: Jasper National Park

Best things to do: Hiking, strolling

Best time to visit: January-March

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5. Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede

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Calgary is one of the most sophisticated cities in Alberta and has been an amazing tourist destination for thousands of tourists from all around the world. Calgary Stampede is one enthralling spectacle that is cherished by all members of the family. Amazing weather conditions, delectable cuisines, and amusement rides make for an ideal blend of a perfect trip. County music events, exhibitions, and rodeo privileges with stunning places to dine, Calgary Stampede, is certainly one of the top places to visit in Alberta in May. The saga continues for ten days of an exhilarating experience.

Location: Calgary

Best things to do: Amusement rides, horse riding, live country music performances

Best time to visit: July

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6. Sunshine Village Ski Resort

Sunshine Village Ski Resort

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This scenic beauty located in the town of Banff is certainly amongst the best places to visit in Alberta in June. It is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts as the massive landscape flaunts scenic backdrops of the towering mountains. Hiking and camping would be a perfect way to relish the natural essence of this place. The verdant greenery of this place oozes charm and class of its own, which has attracted a massive number of tourists from all around the globe.

As the summer approaches, the scorching heat of the sun melts, and the ice accumulates on the landscape. Thus, this place becomes ideal for sightseeing and other fascinating experiences. Gondola rides would give you the best experience of witnessing this serene landscape from the best view possible. The Sunshine Meadows would elevate your visual appeal to an otherworldly experience! This is amongst the ideal Alberta places in summer for couples.

Location: Banff Town

Best things to do: Hiking, camping, sightseeing

Best time to visit: June-August

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7. Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake

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This Lake is one of the most stunning places to visit in Alberta in summer. The jaw-dropping view of the mountains in the backdrop complements the surreal shallows of this beautiful lake, witnessing the grandeur of this beautiful sight would leave a mark on your heart for the rest of your life. It would be ideal for you if you take a camera with you as well, as capturing these precious moments would immortalize them! You may also go for an adventurous hiking experience at the adjacent Larch valley, and here you would be cherished with some of the rarest species of Flora. Canoeing and kayaking at this sumptuous place just add to the arsenal of this stunning place. All these privileges make Moraine lake one of the best places to visit in Alberta.

Location: Banff National Park

Best things to do: Hiking, kayaking, canoeing

Best time to visit: June-July

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8. Drumheller


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This mysterious place is a paradise for adventure-seeking tourists. Local people claim this small place, located in Red Deer River valley at the Badlands, is the “ The town of the Dinosaurs.” Exploring this massive place would give you a glimpse of historical essence, which prevailed in this part of the globe, millions of years ago. You may go for an adventurous drive towards the “ Dinosaur Trail” and seek for an intriguing experience.

Also, witness the fossils of the massive Dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. This place is amongst the most researched and explored places in Canada. Also, thousands of tourists travel this place for a majestic experience of witnessing the palaeontology displays.

Location: Red Deer River Valley, Badlands

Best things to do: Museum visits, sightseeing

Best time to visit: June-September

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9. Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon

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Strolling through this mesmerizing slot canyon would fill your soul with exuberance and adventure. Getting insights into the limestone cliffs and the abundant spaces between these towering canyons would be a perfect way to cherish the beauty of this magnificent place. But you must hire a tour guide, if you prefer this place for a visit in winter, as the snow might fill the vacant spaces between the canyons. Thus, Going for an ice walk at this exotic canyon place would be no less than a thrilling experience.

Also witness the Johnston Creek, the water pouring into the Bow River is one experience which you would remember for the rest of life. Majestic Upper Falls paving the way for the Bow River through the Waterfall would certainly enlighten your soul. All these privileges make this place one of the finest places to visit in Alberta in March.

Location: Banff National Park

Best things to do: Hiking

Best time to visit: June-August

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10. West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall

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This massive mall is regarded as the biggest Mall in all of North America. Possessing some of the most enthralling activities like mini-golf, intriguing aquarium Shows, larger than life movie experience, and some of the most delicious cuisines in the country, West Edmonton Mall is a must-visit with family or with your loved ones, to explore the brilliance of Alberta. To give your children a cherishing experience, a visit to Galaxy land would be ideal. Other enthralling experiences are Alien outbreak escape room, ED’s Bowling experience, and a galore of lavish brand outlets for shopping purposes as well.

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Best things to do: Gaming, shopping, dining

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With the authenticity of Canadian roots, these places to visit in Alberta in summer will truly offer an unforgettable experience that will urge you to visit again. Best part? You can visit these places in any summer month and discover endless adventures and lifelong memories with your loved ones. So, pack your bags and take a trip to Canada right away!

Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Alberta In Summer

Which place in Alberta is ideal for a family visit in summer?

Visiting the biggest mall in North America would be perfect for a family visit. As West Edmonton mall possesses galore of exciting activities, amazing delicacies, and shopping places, this place would be the ideal most place to visit for a family.

Which place in Alberta would be perfect for adventure?

Exploring the Slot Canyons of the Maligne Canyon at the Jasper National Park would make for the best Adventure experience in Alberta. You may witness this place in Winters as well as in Summers.

What is Alberta famous for?

The province of Alberta holds one of the world’s largest oil reserves, and thus it is well known for its abundance of Gas and Coal compounds.

Which is the ideal month to visit Alberta?

As the weather conditions in July are extremely pleasant and vibrant, it makes it quite essential for the tourists to visit Alberta in July. Activities like Hiking, Kayaking and strolling, would be best cherished at this time of the year.

Which part of Alberta holds the most scenic places?

Banff National Park holds some of the most scenic places in Alberta. Johnston Canyon and Moraine Lake are two of the best places to visit for a memorable experience.

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