10 Flea Markets In Nairobi That’ll Satiate All Shopping-Freaks!


From tea, coffee, flowers, and beans Kenya export a lot of products to the international market. But the true sense of Kenya comes from its handicrafts and beadwork jewelry. The Maasai beadwork and woodwork are very famous all throughout Kenya. The lesos, kikoys and shukas are among the many traditional homemade crafts of Kenya.

If you want to shop for these traditional Kenyan items, you have to go the flea markets and local markets in Nairobi. The flea markets in Nairobi are the perfect place to go shopping for these items.

10 Best Flea Markets In Nairobi

There are many flea markets in Nairobi held in different shopping malls of this capital city. We have gathered a list of the best Nairobi Flea & Street Markets in Nairobi. Read on to know more about the best markets in Nairobi.

1. Galleria Shopping Mall Market

Galleria Shopping Mall Market

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A flea market opens every Monday in Galleria Shopping Mall in Nairobi. Though the mall itself has a lot of intriguing and unusual shops, yet it opens its door to a weekly flea market to be held in its complex. The mall is located at the juncture of Lang’ata and Magadi road, in the Karen suburban region. Many small vendors with their works and crafts take part in this flea market and you can buy many rare and unusual things from this market along with traditional Kenyan beadwork jewelry and other handicrafts.

Location: Lang’ata and Magadi Road junction, Nairobi, Kenya

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2. Nairobi Court Of Appeal Parking Lot Flea Market

Nairobi Court Of Appeal

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The busiest flea market in Nairobi is definitely the market that takes place in the Court of Appeal parking lot in Nairobi. The market takes place every Saturday and you will see a lot of weekend crowd in the market and it is busy at all times of the day. The market is located close to KICC and right behind the Hilton hotel, making it quite a popular spot for shopping. The vendors in this market come from as far as Massailand to sell their goods. This is flea market is undoubtedly a paradise for those who love shopping.

Location: City Center, Nairobi, Kenya

3. The Junction

The Junction

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The Junction shopping mall is located in an upscale neighborhood in Nairobi, Kenya. A flea market is held every Thursday in the third floor of this mall. The vendors come from far and wide from in and around Nairobi to sell their stuff. The market is quite busy and generally crowded with a lot of people. The best attraction of the market are the beautiful ornaments that the vendors sell. You can shop for some beautiful traditional Kenyan jewelry as well as other like products in the market.

Location: Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya

4. Village Market

Village Market

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Village Market is another shopping mall located in the upscale suburban neighborhood of Gigiri. The neighborhood is quite luxurious and attracts a lot of people to the shopping mall. Every Friday from 8 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening, an open air flea market is organized with the compound of the mall. You can find a variety of items in the market and this market is among the oldest flea market in Nairobi and is one of the longest running flea markets in Nairobi.

Location: Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya

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5. Adam’s Arcade

Adam’s Arcade

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Adam’s Arcade is most definitely the one of the oldest local markets in Nairobi, dating back to as early as the pre independence era in Nairobi. The flea market opens every Saturday in this market center and it is always crowded with a lot of Kenyan crowd, haggling to buy the best products from the various vendors. The market, as they say, is named after the founder Abdul Habib Adam and it also remains open Sundays as well. So people can enjoy a nice weekend shopping here in Adam’s Arcade.

Location: Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya

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6. Prestige Plaza Shopping Mall

Prestige Plaza Shopping Mall

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Prestige Plaza is another shopping mall located in the Kashmiri residential area in Ngong Road. A flea market runs on the first floor of the rooftop parking space, every Tuesday and is crowded by people from nearby area. From jewelry to pottery items, clothes to household essentials, you will find a lot of things in this flea market. This flea market is the perfect place for a nice shopping spree.

Location: Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya

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7. Garden City Mall

Garden City Mall

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A flea market runs every Thursday in the Garden City Mall. The mall started recently, opening its door to the people in 2015. Located in Thika super highway, this market attracts a lot of local crowd. The market is held every Thursday, in the open air parking lot of the shopping mall and sells a lots of unique and unusual goods along with other items like clothing, jewelry footwear etc. if you are visiting the shopping mall on Thursday, you can definitely visit this flea market, you ever know you can always find something rare and useful in the market.

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

8. Yaya Center

Yaya Center

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Yaya Center is one of the most high-end shopping center in Nairobi and is located in the posh Kashmiri residential area. Yaya Center lies along the Argwings Kodhek Road and holds a flea market every Sunday inside its complex. The flea market is another one among the Sunday markets in Nairobi. The flea market attracts a lot of local crowd from the nearby upscale residential areas. There are lots of high-end shopping stores inside the Yaya Center and if you happen to visit it on Sunday, you are sure to find some of the best products in the flea market as well.

Location: Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi, Kenya

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9. The Capital Center

The Capital Center

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The Capital Center is located in the Mombasa Road and usually quite busy all throughout the day. Every Wednesday a flea market is held in the busy district of Mombasa which attracts people from all over the city. This well-established flea markets sells a lots of different items and goods and you will always find something to buy in this vibrant flea market. Those who visit the mall on a Wednesday, they surely indulge in the flea market as well. If you are looking for some mid-week shopping spree, you can head to the Capital Center farmer’s market on a Wednesday.

Location: Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya

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10. Westgate Shopping Mall

Westgate Shopping Mall

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Westgate Shopping Mall located in the Westlands neighborhood of Nairobi, Africa. Westlands is a pretty affluent neighborhood in Nairobi and hence attracts lot of people from around the city. The Westgate Mall has many high-end shopping centers within it and on Tuesdays a flea market is held in the upper level parking space. People visiting the mall on Tuesdays, also hop y the flea market, which sells a lot of intriguing, rare decorative pieces as well as clothes, traditional jewelry etc.

Location: 15 Mwanzi Road, Nairobi, Kenya

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Here you go, a list of some of the best flea market in Nairobi. These flea markets are a perfect spot to go hunting for precious traditional, Kenyan crafts, homemade and crafted with care. Visit one of these markets on your visit to Nairobi and you will not be disappointed with the goods you will find there. So, get packed and book your international trip with TravelTriangle right away!

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